Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Sims

I have grown addicted to the Sims over the weekend. I'm debating whether or not to continue the blog as a Sims Blog.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Friend in Need

I have a friend that is down on her luck right now. She just graduated in the spring with her Masters in Education. She started off her first week teaching first grade going home and bawling every night. The claims that the kids are not ready to be in first grade. Most don't know how to go to the bathroom by themselves, they don't know their color words, they won't sit and listen to her read a story. Now, this is a girl that is GOOD with children. I have observed her many times babysitting or working at a daycare center. Unlike many of her co-workers, she was obviously qualified to take care of children. Her boss and the parents noticed it too. Many of the parents would ask her to babysit their children. The school she is working at just opened and it is not ready. She has already maxed out a credit card buy $1,000.00 worth of stuff for her classroom, and her boss is asking her to shell out another $500.00. The road is not paved, there is a new principal, and the school is not organized. She said that her little first graders don't get to go to lunch until 11:45am, then they get to STAND IN LINE FOR THIRTY MINUTES!!! They have to be out of the cafeteria at 12:15, so they expect these kids to be patient, and then shove the food down their throats. The play area is all mud and unfinished. When she asked the principal about a curriculum for her students, she was told to "wing it." Yes, that's right, a principal of a school informed one of her teachers to keep the children entertained everyday until the children leave!!! My friend arrives at the school at 6:30 in the morning, does not get a break from the students (she must supervise them during lunch), she has meetings after school until 5pm, gets done preparing for the next day until 10pm, then she is up until about 4am w/ her boyfriend/fiance (that's another story). She isn't getting any sleep and is literally pulling hair out of her head. Her fiance also left her this week when she got a wrong number call on her cell phone. When she wouldn't/couldn't tell him who called, he took the phone, pressed redial and when a guy's voice mail picked up, he left. I have noticed a pattern during their entire relationship. As well as with her past relationships. When she tried to leave her current fiance, he told her that he was the lord of a drug ring and then had people following her for the next week. I'm hoping to spend some time w/ her next week. Any suggestions?

Thursday, August 26, 2004

80s kid

Care-Bears.com : Official Website of the Care Bears! what's a blog without a little bit of childhood thrown in? the girl that started it all: Rainbow Brite a good show that furthered my love o' the water: Pirates of Darkwater

I Know...

"I Know" has been my mantra. If I am doing something wrong, and someone criticizes me, I respond "I know." Either they will ignore what I have said or respond in a way similar to "No, you DON'T know!" And the said part was, I was agreeing with them. Whenever I say "I know" what I am really saying, in that situation, is that "I know that I do not know what I am doing." I guess I started saying it because I was sick of saying "I'm sorry" all of the time, even in those times when I shouldn't apologize. Oye.

NINA SIMONE - Official Web Site!

NINA SIMONE - Official Web Site! I never heard of her until I saw POINT OF NO RETURN. Great movie, wonderful soundtrack. Nina has a way of moving the soul.

The Sinead O'Connor Site

The Sin´┐Żad O'Connor Site I cannot help but like Sinead. I remember watching her SNL performance live and wondering why she did what she did. Then, I found out why, and I was proud of her. When you have a million eyes on you and you have something to say, why not take a chance? Here is an article/paper? written about the incident: http://www.notbored.org/sinead.html

alanis morissette

alanis morissette Teehee...Alanis rocks!!! I get upset when I hear guys refer to her as the "angry chick". ::shivers:: "chick" in general is upsetting. gosh...she bears a resemblance to Kristy McNichol in the photo on her website....

Norah Jones

Norah Jones I think what I like best about her is that she MAJORED in jazz piano. Yes, her arts & crafts major did work for her!!!

Halloween Countdown

Halloween on the Web I love this!!! A site that counts down to Halloween!!! Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Just because everyone is allowed to be as weird as they want to be. I've had very few good Halloweens sadly. No one ever shared my enthusiasm. That...and it was hard to be a delinquant when my father would shine a spotlight on me going up to each door from his car. Ooh, wild!

Pisces Yearly Overview

Yahoo! Astrology Year 2004 Overview Provided by Astrology.com Pisces The miracles you started working during the holidays are alive and well in the New Year. Take it slow and be reasonable -- setbacks during the first week of January are nothing personal. Until the 21st, it's all in your mind; after this point, start talking. February brings a much-needed reality check. You're basically right, but feedback helps your fine-tuning. Starting on the 20th, your sincere passion turns you into a verifying, vindicating machine, and after March 7th, you're ideally positioned to spell it out for nonbelievers. If spring upstages you in the last week of March, hold your own as a costar. By April you're proving yourself through confidence, not insecurity. You're excused for focusing more on ego than spirituality, and it's okay if vanity colors your renewed purpose after the 20th. By May 5th, everyone gets the joke. But the 17th brings questions about fundamental issues and truths, and a downhill slide begins. You might even lose your sense of humor between the 21st and June 10th -- don't worry, it's not forever. On June 22nd, you can find the energy that you thought might be all gone; then the 29th pulls you back into a healthy awareness or embrace. Life is upbeat and carefree until the end of July, when some heavy expectations drag you down. Ready or not, big projects are on deck for August, and rejecting help between the 10th and 23rd just intensifies the pressure. Then raw inspiration and brute force save you. By September 2nd, you're almost as clearheaded and accomplished as you were six months ago. But there's a price as autumn begins: You have to listen from late September through mid-October, whether or not you agree. Friends rescue you on the 24th, escorting you through a fantastic Halloween. Uninvited guests start bending your life out of shape in the second week of November. By the 22nd, it's clear that your holiday season is spinning out of control. Stop fighting and don't stress. The first half of December proves just how broad your tastes are, and the coming of winter joins happy endings with promising beginnings.

Big Cats Cont...

I cannot leave this matter alone. Typically when I start talking or thinking about it, it takes me about a week to calm down. I think if I lived in the UK, then I would definitely be a spotter. Anway, below I pasted a very excellent article. At one point, the comment is made of sightings occuring as often as every three days. To me, that's like, how many times this week have you seen deer? http://www.forteantimes.com/articles/121_abc99.shtml


Eek!!! I'm sorry none of my links worked in the last post. Guess you'll just have to put your cut 'n paste skillz to use!


UK Big Cat Reseach Group

Here is something that I am quite serious about. For certain people, I guess that it would be a "conspiracy theory" of sorts. In the late 1960's and early 1970's there was a big cat fad in England & the US. The rich would either capture or buy big cats (panthers, cheetahs, leopards, etc) and keep them as pets. In 1976 the Dangerous Wild Animal Act was passed in England. This act required anyone owning a big cat to get a liscense, and the government wanted to ensure that these cats were being taken care of properly. Many people did not have the means to take care of the animals, and a loophole was found in the act whereby you did not have to report any "missing" animals. So, many cat-owners took their panthers, cheetahs, and leopards out into the English counrtyside and released their pets. Here is a section from http://www.bbc.co.uk/gloucestershire/focus/2004/04/bigcats.shtml about the law: Speaking to BBC News, Forest-based big cat enthusiast Danny Nineham said, "In the 1960s and 1970s, people had big cats like leopards as pets and they used to walk them like dogs. "But in 1976 when the Dangerous Wild Animals Act came into force, people released their cats because they did not want to pay for a licence, put them down, or take them to a zoo." Within ten years the population grew. Farm animals were being killed and eaten. The sad part is that the government officially reported that there were no big cats live in the United Kingdom -- the cats have spread to Scotland and Whales. There is a suggestion that the cats have mated and now there is a hybrid big cat ruling over the English countryside. The farmers have been the country's biggest defense that these cats exist. Hundreds of reports come in over a matter of months. Photos, film, and pawprints have been taken, although none have been captured and documented. There are several groups throughout the UK that have made it their life's quest to gather enough proof that these animals exist. from the British Big Cats Society: http://www.britishbigcats.org/ from BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/1787144.stm National Geographic:other sites: http://www.100megsfree4.com/farshores/engcat.htm http://www.forteantimes.com/articles/167_bigcats2002.shtml http://www.bbc.co.uk/gloucestershire/focus/2004/04/bigcats.shtml http://www.forteantimes.com/articles/121_abc99.shtml http://www.defra.gov.uk/wildlife-countryside/gwd/wildact.htm Dangerous Wild Animal Act of 1976: http://www.webtribe.net/~shg/Dangerous%20Wild%20Animals%20Act%201976%20(1976%20c%2038).htm

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Your Chinese Astrology Sign: The Goat - astrology.com

And they said my most combatible match was the Rabbit or the Pig. Funny...I married a Dog. My co-workers all thought he was underage when we started to date, but he was more than legal. What was really funny was how his parents thought that he would marry someone a little older than me. Teehee! I like the idea below...a teacher in New Age studies.... My friend is attempting to get me to learn aromatherapy type stuff with her so that one day we can open up our own place. I don't know. Maybe as long as I can have a little bakery section in there. Which reminds me...I need to bake. I haven't done so in awhile. That, and I need to take pictures of my cakes. I made a couple of neat ones. I think my theory so far is: the more icing/chocolate, the better. I love using chocolate chips or Hershey's kisses in my creations. here is the horoscope from the website: Daydreaming all afternoon sounds heavenly to the Goat. This creative, esoteric Sign needs plenty of time alone in which to feed its Muse. Goats are generally most comfortable in their own minds (which other, more linear-thinking Signs may have trouble deciphering). This Sign makes a great craftsperson or artisan, or perhaps a teacher of New Age studies -- any occupation that allows its mind the full range of freedom. Goats tend not to be very well-organized, precluding many more dry business endeavors. In fact, Goats tend not to be very materialistic in general, finding plenty of riches in their own imagination. However, especially when in love, the Goat can be quite a lavish gift-giver. Perhaps it's that artistic temperament that so often causes Goats to feel insecure, but the result is that these high-strung creatures need to feel loved and admired lest they start worrying incessantly. For this reason, Goats tend to have a hard time with romance; anyone who couples up with a Goat must know, this Sign has a sensitive streak a mile wide and can be subject to bouts of anxiety over seemingly inconsequential things. Goats need plenty of love, support and open reassurance from their lovers. If a relationship is marked by conflict, the Goat will often pull away -- either physically or simply by retreating into the safe haven of its imagination. If the romance is going well, however, Goats won't hesitate to tell their partner what they need -- and they can be quite insistent about it! This Sign will definitely return the favor, however; the Goat has a luxurious side that delights in indulging a lover's every wish. Appearances are also important to the Goat, which may explain why these folks can spend hours primping and posing. Goats would be well-served by learning to relax and let others run the show from time to time. Once they can be certain that their friends and lovers won't be gone when the Goat returns from its daydreams, life will be a field of daisies. The most compatible match for a Goat is the Pig or the Rabbit.


Last night we tried to recruit people for Dragon Crest. And it never fails, typically whenever someone comes over and wants to try to do some swordfighting with us, they always go for the biggest sword. When in the hands of a newbie...it hurts!!! Luckily I only got popped on the knuckle, but my goodness!!! Last night it was all blue and red. It's still sore, but it doesn't help when combined with CTS.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sony Pictures - Resident Evil%3A Apocalypse

Sony Pictures - Resident Evil%3A Apocalypse is anyone else excited about the new Resident Evil?

fishfish designs %3A enter

fishfish designs %3A enter KITTY HATS!!! these are sooooooooooooooooo adorable. yes. i'm a freak. i'm a girly. and i know it.

The Faerie Citadel

The Faerie Citadel It's just so cute!!! faerie wings!!!

The George Seurat

The George Seurat Why? Because he gets the point!

BBC SPORT %7C Olympics 2004 %7C Herculympics

BBC SPORT %7C Olympics 2004 %7C Herculympics This is just a cute & fun game to celebrate the Olympics!!!

Congress.Org -- Issues and Action

Congress.Org -- Issues and Action Take action & dare to have an opinion!

Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan She rocks.

It's Happy Bunny!!!

IT'S HAPPY BUNNY!!!! i love happy bunny. he just makes the day bearable. well...besides my husband. happy bunny caters more to my crazy side. he sympathizes with my anger issues.

Celebrate books%3A Novels from Oprah%27s Book Club%2C magazine and show%21

Celebrate books%3A Novels from Oprah%27s Book Club%2C magazine and show%21 Wow, wouldn't you know it. She's currently reading ANNA KARENINA. That takes me back to my third year of college. I was taking a Creative Writing course with a grad student teaching. I can somewhat remember her name, but what really comes to mind is "penguin". I don't know why. But it does. The only things that we had to read were short stories, poems, and theory on writing. That summer I had started reading ANNA and was quite proud of myself because I was about a third of the way done. Anyone that has ever read a Russian novel knows how complex they are. So, as a youngster, reading this book w/out help from a class, I was quite proud of myself. Until this class. We were about a minute away from the bell and she decided to blurt out the end of this book. No one prompted her. She just decided to use the imagery of the end of this book to prove some minute point that she was making. I wanted to slap her! I remember standing and staring at her for about two minutes. One of my pet peeves has always been people who ruin endings. And with her rush of words describing the end of this beautiful novel, I saw all of my hard work wash away. It was disappointing. To this day, I have never finished that book because I can never think about that book without thinking of this teacher and becoming very upset. Penguin.

Real Genius

It's all about the bunny slippers!!! And lots and lots of popcorn. And instantaneous screaming during finals week. A friend went to Cornell, and they have a tradition where the night before finals, every gathers outside and screams! Ah...college!

Welcome to Alexandra Nechita official website

Welcome to Alexandra Nechita official website This child is an absolute genius!!! I remember seeing a portrait she did of her baby brother, she gave him flowers for hair. It was really adorable. And I have yet to find a picture of it online. Can anyone help me?

Radio Paradise - eclectic online rock radio

Radio Paradise - eclectic online rock radio This is just plain good for the soul. And keeps the cubie-slaves from drooling on themselves!

something positive%3A archive

something positive%3A archive Damn you RKMilholand!!! Damn you!!! I swear the boy is too good for his own damn good. He trips us with such hi's & low's.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Coffee

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Coffee I had my first Krispy Kreme experience last month. My original "experience" occured when I was in Orlando, Fl. There was a Krispy Kreme on the other side of town, and the people that I was with were avid "Kremers" (I don't know if that is a real name, but it sure sounds good). Anway, the main "event" at the doughnut shop is their doughnut machine that makes the spectacular glazed doughnuts. You can watch the process as the little doughnut is made, all the way thru to the little glaze waterfall. After which the workers will actually take the doughnut off of the conveyor belt and HAND IT TO YOU. Mmmmm. ::drool:: Sometimes when the machine is not working properly, they will even give out free samples. (When the doughnuts are ready they actually have a red glowing sign outside announcing that they are ready.) Anway, while at the shop in Orlando, we discovered that the machine was broken, but they started a test run, hoping that it was fixed. We waited thru every agonizing minute, hoping that we would be the ones to get the first doughnuts off of the belt. I was the first in line, ready to take in the full experience of the visit - I had even picked out a sweatshirt to get. I placed my ordered and was handing over my money (one box had just been sold out the window thru the drive-thru), when the worker announced that these doughnuts were bad, and proceeded to throw them in the trash. No free samples!!! It was horrid!!! So I had to wait until I either went to Tulsa (which people do make the run to and hold fundraisers by selling these doughnuts). However, one finally opened in our area. The line actually stopped traffic for about 45 minutes. So, I wasn't too surprised when I got up there on a Sunday morning (about two months after the opening) around 10ish that I had to wait in the drive thru for about 20 minutes. When I took the doughnuts to my friends house, she said that she was never much of a doughnut person. She tried one and she could not believe how the glaze makes the doughnut melt in your mouth. If you would like to testify to the little green & white Krispy Kreme chapels that have been popping up across the US & Canada, then please post a comment.

ThinkGeek %3A%3A I%27m blogging this.

ThinkGeek %3A%3A I%27m blogging this. With a shirt like that...it needs to be blogged!!! I love this store. Be sure to check out the binary code clocks & wristwatches, as well as cube stuffed animals!!!

A True Gentleman

Has it been anyone else's experience that anyone claiming to be a "true gentleman," isn't? And I don't just mean with sex. Just regular manners. Holding doors open, being open to new experiences, basic respect for people, a true sense of humor, personality development (as in you do not have the social maturity of a 15 year old boy). Now, I know that all straight guys and all lesbian women are 12 year old boys when it comes to boobage, so I'm not talking about that. I guess it comes down to what you consider good manners? This also applies to "nice guys" as well. You know who I'm talking about. It's the guys that always complain that they don't get girls to go out with them, and when they do they bitch about how they can never get girls to go out with them and that no one wants to go out with the nice guy. I think this is the same as the "cool" rule. If you are cool, you know it. But if you say that you are cool, then you have blown it. Very Oz v. Zander. Hm...wonder how many posts I'll get from this one.... I don't mean to offend and I'm sure that better writing would piss less people off. This is purely an observation. And I think that a lot of guys with any shortcomings out there can truly make for it with self-confidence and experience.

The Six Month Rule

I'm curious to hear other peoples opinions on this matter, as well as their experiences. My husband and I have been married for two months. We dated for six months before we were officially engaged and we lived together for about a year and a half before we got married. The wedding itself (even though we semi-eloped (think elope, but people were invited)) was pressure enough, but so is trying to live with someone. Anyone who has had roommates will know. And I guess it's because you love/like the other person, that you are willing to make it work. Then, there is the problem with jeopardizing yourself and your principles. (I always had issues with this, and noticed how much I changed or tried to change for different guys. Think "Runaway Bride" but I never did the leaving. Except once.) I must say that it is not the love that causes the problems, just the living together. So...I can understand the following p.o.v.... When I introduced him to my parents, my mother took me aside and told me that she and my dad knew that we were living together and that they WANTED us to live together for at least six months before we got married. So, please leave comments (anon's are wonderful too!) and let me know about your experience w/ any similar situations.

Albino Blacksheep %2F Flash %2F Kitty Cat Dance

Albino Blacksheep %2F Flash %2F Kitty Cat Dance I love this site!!! My co-workers & my husband & I are addicted to it. In fact, the other night I was falling asleep when my husband started to sing the song. And he said, "C'mon, sing it with me." So I sang it. Then, I think I fell asleep for about a minute. When I woke up I realized what happened and I asked him, "Did you make me sing the kitty kat song?" "No." "Really?" "Yes, but I didn't make you." Oye!!! Craziness!

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I have been excited about Christmas for the past few weeks. I've been thinking about what I want to get everyone. And make too! I think I'm going to make Christmas baskets for family members. I'll make cookies. Maybe get my husband to make breads. And then find things that are enjoyable and usable by just about everyone. Like movie theatre gift certificates or blockbuster movie rentals. I think that I might have a list going somewhere.... This Christmas will be really exciting because it will be the first one in about seven years that we will get to spend with my grandmother. Ever since we moved to Arkansas, we haven't seen any of our family members...except maybe once a year during the summer. We'll never go back to the city! But this year will be different because my grandmother is moving down next month. In fact, today is her birthday. Born in 1920. Wow!!! I think that my mom is really excited about it too, mostly because she will be getting her mother out of the city. If it weren't for her neighbors, I don't think that we would have let her stay alone this last year. Oh well, to Christmas!!!

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Since I finished my book last night, I decided to go for a walk around the downtown area during lunch. It is quite quaint and beautiful. I meandered down the sidestreets until I reached the main street, once there I turned and found my way to a wonderful antique bookstore. When I found it five years ago I knew that was what heaven must be like. I didn't purchase anything, just browsed. When I came out of the shop, I turned up said main street. I think I got about 10 or 20 yards away from the shop when I noticed a bright red SUV coming down the street. I think it got my attention b/c it honked. Then, the back driver side window rolled down, and a young one. 19? 20? Senior in high school, freshman in college. Leaned out the window and yelled out for all to hear in a one block radius "You're pretty!" Then he proceeded to howl. Not just yell, but HOWL. It was startling & embarassing. I don't think that has ever really happened to me before. I do remember being on the same street about a year ago and a guy driving by just yelled "AAAAAAH!" at me. I think it was around Halloween. Typically I've been getting small cat calls. I have a backpack that is a cat's face (actually it is the cat from Trigun). The bag has flexible ears & floppy wiskers. Anyway, I've been getting people either noticing or 'mewing' behind me when they see it. I guess it doesn't help either that I have my cell phone ring set to "Cat." Yup, meow!

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Supposedly Real Resignation Letter

I received this in a fwd: Dear Mr. Smith, As a graduate of an institution of higher education, I have a few very basic expectations. Chief among these is that my direct superiors have an intellect that ranges above the common ground squirrel. After your consistent and annoying harassment of my co-workers and me during the commission of our duties, I can only surmise that you are one of the few true genetic wastes of our time.Asking me, a network administrator, to explain every little nuance of everything I do each time you happen to stroll into my office is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of precious oxygen. I was hired because I know how to network computer systems, and you were apparently hired to provide amusement to myself and other employees, who watch you vainly attempt to understand the concept of "cut and paste" for the hundredth time.You will never understand computers. Something as incredibly simple as binary still gives you too many options. You will also never understand why people hate you, but I am going to try and explain it to you, even though I am sure this will be just as effective as telling you what an IP is. Your shiny new iMac has more personality than you ever will.You walk around the building all day, shiftlessly looking for fault in others. You have a sharp dressed useless look about you that may have worked for your interview, but now that you actually have responsibility, you pawn it off on overworked staff, hoping their talent will cover for your glaring ineptitude. In a world of managerial evolution, you are the blue-green algae that everyone else eats and laughs at. Managers like you are a sad proof of the Dilbert principle. Since this situation is unlikely to change without you getting a full frontal lobotomy reversal, I am forced to tender my resignation, however I have a few parting thoughts. 1. When someone calls you in reference to employment, it is illegal for you to give me a bad recommendation. The most you can say to hurt me is "I prefer not to comment." I will have friends randomly call you over the next couple of years to keep you honest, because I know you would be unable to do it on your own. 2. I have all the passwords to every account on the system, and I know every password you have used for the last five years. If you decide to get cute, I am going to publish your "favorites list", which I conveniently saved when you made me "back up" your useless files. I do believe that terms like "Lolita" are not usually viewed favorably by the administration. 3. When you borrowed the digital camera to "take pictures of your Mother's birthday," you neglected to mention that you were going to take pictures of yourself in the mirror nude. Then you forgot to erase them like the techno-moron you really are. Suffice it to say I have never seen such odd acts with a sauce bottle, but I assure you that those have been copied and kept in safe places pending the authoring of a glowing letter of recommendation. (Try to use a spell check please; I hate having to correct your mistakes.) Thank you for your time, and I expect the letter of recommendation on my desk by 8:00 am tomorrow. One word of this to anybody, and all of your little twisted repugnant obsessions will be open to the public. Never f*** with your systems administrator. Why? Because they know what you do with all that free time!Wishing you a grand and glorious day,Cecelia

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Monday, August 23, 2004


SSX TRICKY - EA SPORTS BIG Hopelessly addicted. I've played SSX Tricky quite a bit this weekend. I'm still quite the newbie when it comes to gaming. Took me forever to learn the PS2 controls...and i'm nowhere near good. I went from Atari to Nintendo to PS2. I didn't even get Nintendo until Sega and Genesis had come out. I've currently won two gold metals for racing and two silvers for showoff. I like Zoe. Last night she knocked down some guy that got on her tail. He just jumped in behind her, before I could react though, I think that the character "took over" and knocked the guy down before I could react. Oh well, knowdown points for me & Zoe. teeheeheehee! Owie owie owie!!! I just banged my arm on the wall really hard. Not as hard as the last time that I banged it on a doornob and then had to go to physical therapy for two weeks after. Noooooo. Although I did bump that arm on the same place using the same door nob. This time, it was the wall side lock of a bathroom stall door. I'm just talented like that. I'm quite accidental.

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Back To School

I couldn't do it. I feel so disappointed in myself. Friday I finally got my acceptance letter to register for classes this fall. School starts today. So, I hurridly enrolled in Figure Drawing I. This morning, I dropped the course. Of course, now I must pay the 10% of whatever I was originally going to pay. Funny, in my enrollment letter, they never mentioned anything about paying. Oh well. But I talked it over last night and next semester my husband and I are going to enroll in a course together. I have way too many fears in my life. It was a night course, so I was afraid of parking on campus & walking back to my car alone. I really just don't know what I want to do and I am afraid of taking useless courses. I don't think that I was ready to go back. Of course, in a month I know that I am going to regret not following through with it. Today might be a good day to do some more coffin dumping. I'm addicted to that game. Too bad I have CTS! Oh and speaking about sinuses...mine were ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE LAST NIGHT!!! It felt as though someone was drilling into my nose and then it drained down to my stomach. Blech!

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Friday, August 20, 2004

Follow Up

My van is now fine. Although the brake light does show for no real reason.... Plenty of brake. Won't be running over children any time soon. Which is good because school started yesterday. I made up my mind this morning to have a good day. It started with plans to stay at home this weekend. On top of that, I ate breakfast! Yeah toast. Actually...it wasn't toast, although it was toasted. Dang it! My neck hurts. Been lookin' at too many blogs today. I can tell that work has been slow.

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Count Your Sheep - Wednesday2C November 262C 2003

Count Your Sheep - Wednesday%2C November 26%2C 2003 Wow....I remember that I used to draw on the back of my bedroom door as a child. My mom didn't find it until I was 18. Then again, she found my purple crayon paint job on the white wall when she was coming up the stairs with the laundry. I was two. And there I was sitting at the table coloring with my purple crayon and minding my own business. Forever a Harold.

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Zero Comments

I always wondered whether or not I'm interesting. As a goofball, maybe. But as a person? I try to think about what interests me about other people. Here's a brief list: 1. Travel 2. Positive opinions about things/places, without being too naive or too into stereotypes. 3. A passion for something. Like if they collect something or actively participate in things. 4. Goal-oriented & they achieve them realistically. 5. Learner. They want to learn about things. But they don't dig into your personal life or want to know too many details. That borders on nagging/eavesdropping/rudeness. I'm going to try to check my life against this list every so often. My main goal has always been to see the ocean. And to possibly go to Europe one day. I think that I am always afraid that I am going to be in Europe the day that the Earth explodes. I haven't figured that fear out fully yet. I still haven't figured out exactly what I want to learn. But I am considering my collections. I have started a nice collection of turtles. =) Fake ones, leave the real ones in nature where they can reproduce. However, they must be functional turtles. Not just knicknacks. It can be a picture of a turtle but either I have to take it or be in it. I have one of me smiling in front of the turtle pit in Seaworld. Seaworld and most zoos/aquariums are depressing places. Expensive & depressing places. I've been wondering if I feel the same way about museums.

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Endless Summer

I must admit that I love the Endless Summer movies. Besides the surfing & meeting of the local surfers, I think what I liked the most about it was how you could really see that it was just a couple of friends out on an adventure. I wonder if they are available on dvd? That and Endless Summer 2. I don't know why I like surfing movies. Maybe it's the allure of the ocean? That's the only thing that I can think of. I did have a past life reading recently that said I was a pirate & totally addicted to that way of life because of my love for the ocean & the adventure. The psychic asked if I had any connection with the ocean now. =) Endless Summer%2C The %281966%29

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Apothecary & Brake Fluid

So my friend and I want to learn about aromatherapy. I've considered apothecary. I want to know more about it. Is it like "playing with chemicals...the natural way!" or is it more involved than that? I originally liked the idea b/c of a character that I have in DragonCrest. But I have recently learned of a correspondance school http://www.achs.edu/ that teaches you very wonderful degrees. It doesn't cost too much either. I guess that I would have to look into liscensing in the state of Arkansas in order to work. I'm not sure. I'm considering taking a basic course.
I want my own garden! We won't be able to get a house for a few more years. This worries me because I don't want to have kids until we get a house...and I really don't want to have kids past the age of 30. I know that sounds weird, but I still want to be somewhat young by the time they turn 18. So, that's been worrying me lately. We're not going to get a house until his truck is paid off & we pay off a new car for me. Well...fate may be having a hand in that. My brakes don't seem to be working. I brought my van home from the mechanic yesterday after getting an oil change and my flasher changed out as well. (yeah turn signals!) Anyway, as I drove to work this morning, I realized, hey, I'm not slowing down as I should....why aren't I stopping? I think that the emergency brake got left on, but I'm not sure.

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Friday, August 13, 2004


I heard that the Olympic committee will keep their command center in a blimp, roaming over the four city district of games. Or maybe it was the news crew. Anyway, wouldn't that be a major safety issue when you consider all of the terrorist activities in the world. Although I'm sure to ransack every tourist that walks through the gates. Hopefully there shall be fun for all!


Thursday, August 12, 2004

SIX FEET UNDER Gestorben wird immer

SIX FEET UNDER Gestorben wird immer I am obsessed with this game! http://www.vox.de/flash/game.html My best is 715.16 One day I will be FN.

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Queen of Wands

Did you ever think that your internet browser has a.d.d.? Like, it'll be opening up a website. Then just stop because it forget where you wanted it to go, then take you to a lame search engine. This is what I experienced while trying to go to the QUEEN OF WANDS comic website. I've grown addicted to online comics lately. As well as blogs. Living via internet has made me realize that yes, I am becoming a hermit.


Monkeys Work For Us

I never realized how hooked I would be to the role-playing society. I feel like chanting: "One of us. One of us. One of us." ::shakes:: Anyway, I never thought that I would experience role play nirvana. I have come to a point where I feel my characters emotions *very* strongly. (Has anyone ever posted their blog in l33t? or binary? Just a question. I feel my husband used to think in binary code until I came along. It went something like 0110101001010.5) I am an emotional person. If friends or family are arguing, then my stomach will get all tied up in knots. Or my hands my start to hurt with little pinpricks. I had serious issues with depression about a year ago. I had always heard about the "inner voices" and the "spiral of emotions." They are real. And if it weren't for my rock, the love of my life who came along at the perfect time, then I do not know what I would have done. A co-worker just used "monkey's work for us" in a sentence. She's talking about dead zones and one that has just recently been found off of the pacific coast.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Brown Tree

I remember the exact moment when my imagination was corked...and by a wonderful teacher. In kindergarten, one of the first days of class, we were supposed to color the tree brown. I thought that I would be creative and color the tree many different colors. Yes, I knew which color was brown, but I wanted my tree to be unique! It was calling out to me from the page, gasping as I was about to bring down the point of my fat brown crayon to it's virgin paper bark, and said "No!!! Color me different! Make me shine!" So, enthusiastically, I used every color except brown! I believe it eventually became this pink & silver & yellow vertical lined colored tree. When my teacher inquired as to why the tree was not the regimented brown, I shakily declared in defense: "Trees aren't brown in Rainbow Brite Land." "Well," she replied firmly, "this is not Rainbow Brite Land." I was crushed. From that point on, I was a disciple of the rules. I felt that because I had failed at this one kindy-gartner task, that I was doomed to fail at the rest of my schoolwork. That, and I felt lame for referencing a cartoon show in my defense and horrified with the result. Now, I've come to a point in my life where I want to learn how to be creative again. I'm hoping to attend a drawing class this fall. Since grammar school, I never had an art class. I took one about five years ago and absolutely loved it!!! I feel like even my hands have been rejecting my attempts at creating. Carpal tunnel syndrome is horrible! So far, it has turned me away from two new crafts that I quickly learned to love. So now, it will be art!

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