Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Arkansas Blogger

I have been disheartened over the past few months in how every time I search on Google for a list of Arkansas blogs, I get a response equal to that of wtf? Are there so few of us arkies willing to blog out there, or do our numbers mostly exist in teens journaling in Livejournal or Deadjournal? I have found about 5 pages full in Blogger's profile search. But, can that be all? We have the internet, but no professional althetic teams. So why hasn't anyone heard of an Arkansas Blogger?

Passion of Artemisia

Just finished reading The Passion of Artemisia by Susan Vreeland. It was wonderful! An historical fiction about the artist Artemisia Gentileschi who was taught how to paint by her father, raped by her father’s partner, tortured in court when accusing her rapist, then married off to a painter from Florence where she started her career selling paintings to the Medici’s. I highly recommend anyone who reads this book to also look up her work.

INNERGEEK: home of the Geek Test

34.51677% - Total Geek (almost a major geek)

Easter - it's origins and meanings

(sorry, posted to the wrong blog last week) My List Obsession: "It's during this time of year when I wonder...In Nightmare Before Christmas, if Jack went to Easter land, what would it be like? We already know that the Easter Bunny is one of the main people there. So, would it be mostly Christian? or would it even mention the true pagan origins? Here are a bunch of links: "

ginormous meme

Spell your first name backwards: Neelloc Wearing: Kiss Me I'm Irish t-shirt, beige pants, turtle ring, green & silver dangly earrings Hearing: The Young Dubliners "Breathe" Feeling: zoinkered Have you ever been in love: yes How many people have you said I love you to: probably too little How many people have you been in REAL love with: one How many people have you kissed: 7 Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex: nope How many people have you dated: er...3? What do you look for in a guy/girl: same beliefs and attitude toward the world, my soul mate. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex: whole package What type of guy/girl do you usually go for: tall, dark and handsome. I had an image of him since I was little, as well as odd qualities that I wanted. Strange but wonderfully, that was exactly what I found. Do you have a crush right now: no Do you believe in love at first sight: Yes. Do you remember your first love: yes Who is the first person you kissed: heheh...some balding guy. How many siblings do you have: 0 How many siblings does your mother have: 2 How many siblings does your father have: 3 Is your family close: sorta Does your family get together for holidays: yes Do you have a drunk uncle: yes Any medical problems run through your family: ... Do you have any nieces or nephews: nope Are your parents divorced: no Do you have step parents: no Has your family ever disowned another member of your family: yes Did some of your family come to America from another country: yes Do you sing in the shower: yes, when I am alone What song reminds you of that special someone: Summerbreeze by Type O Negative Favorites Color: purple? Food: Italian Song: soundtrack... School subject: English Band/singer/artist: Flaming Lips, Flogging Molly, Jimmy Buffet Animal: turtles, kittens, dogs Outfit: overalls Radio station: Minoa's Music Movie: Jaws Pair of shoes: my boots Cartoon: Venture Bros! Actor: Nick Stahl Actress: Claire Danes Potato chip: Pringle's Sour Cream & Onion Drink: Pepsi, Chocolate Milk, Apple Juice, Welch's Frozen Juice stuff, Shakes Soda: Pepsi Holiday: Halloween Perfume/cologne: Victoria's Secret Dream Angel Pizza topping: cheese or pineapple Video game: DDR Max 2 or Karaoke Revolution 3 or Soul Calibur 2 Computer Game: the Sims, Pirates, Majesty Favorite game quote: "I serve with pleasure." ~ Majesty Book: Jurassic World by Michael Criton (it's two in one!) Disney character: sleeping beauty Thing to do on the weekend: sleep, eat, play computer, take pictures, be crafty, watch tv, sing Season: autumn What color are your sheets: brown/gray/gold What color are your bedroom walls: white Do you have posters on your wall: yes... If so of what: Hellsing, White Zombie Do you have a tv in your bedroom: yes! with cable! How many pillows are on your bed: 6 What do you normally sleep in: king sized bed Describe your favorite pair of pajamas: pretty white dress Describe the last nightmare you had: getting away from creepy serial killer guy and get to my wedding that was happening in Hawaii during a snow storm and all of my friends were super heroes. Do you sleep with stuffed animals: no Do you snore: yes, and sometimes I do wake myself up What's under your bed: nothing! Doughnuts/bagels: Krispy Kreme, it's more than just a donut. Day/night: day Make love/have sex: make love Coffee/tea: tea Hamburgers/hotdogs: hot dogs Silver/gold: silver McDonalds/Taco Bell: :mind spasm: Punk/emo: what the hell is emo?! Punk! Meat/vegetables: veggies Mexican food/Chinese food: mexican Unicorns/fairies: unicorns Water/land: water Black/white: white Chicken/beef: fajitas Hip/hop: hop like a bunny What Is Your Opinion Of The Following Virgins: of what? God: yes Emo music: wtf? Emo and punk really don't sound like they should be in the same category Homosexuality: gender type that closed-minded followers find offensive. Funny "lesbian" became associated w/ female-female action when really the Church was just upset about the paganism going on. Inter-racial relationships: like minds and true hearts see no color Pre-marital sex: not for everyone Pornography: not for everyone Fortune Tellers: a different branch of religion Threesomes: huh? I'm too high maintenance, and someone would get hurt. What Do You Think Of When You Hear These Common Names?... Jack: Robin Williams movie Tiffany: my sister-in-law Ben: benji Nicole: so many! So wonderful! Adam: nick Arnold: tom Tom: arnold Charlotte: bronte John: from Roseanne Billy: and mandy Nick: adams Taylor: too common of a name Have You Ever.... Been to a foreign country: never Swallowed a tooth/cap/filling: do braces rubberbands count? Got in a fight: never Dated a teacher: never Thought about killing your enemy: probably Met someone you met online in the flesh: no Stolen anything: yes Been on TV: yes Been on the radio: no Been in a mosh pit: no Been to a concert: yes Broken the law: probably Been on an airplane: yes Got to ride on a firetruck: never Came close to dying: yes Made a mud pie: never Felt like you didn't belong: only when I'm with people Felt like the 3rd wheel: every second of the day Smoked: never Done drugs: never Been arrested: never Had your tonsils removed: never Written a love letter: yes Gone out of your way to be with the one you love: always Written a love poem: yes Kissed in the rain: yes Participated in an orgy: never Faked an orgasm: no Stolen a kiss: yes Watched the sunset/rise with someone you love: I think so Got perfect attendance in grade school: never Roasted pumpkin seeds: never Did you play with Barbies/G.I. Joes: barbies, my little pony, cabbage patch dolls. Did you play Simon Says: yes Did you believe there were monsters in your closet or under your bed: my bed was in a loft, so there was about 4ft x 6ft worth of space for the creepy clown from Poltergeist to hide underneath my bed and grab at my ankles when I climbed up into bed at night. Did you go to the circus: yes Did you go to the zoo: yes Did you think slinkies were cool: yes, until they reached the bottom of the stairs. Did you think the Ninja Turtles really lived in the sewer: no Were you afraid of the dark: no, just the noises in the dark from the boiler room down the hall. Name three things that are next to your computer: Hippo, gnome, yellow skeleton warrior. Do you have any hidden talents: is insulting a talent? I can be creative as well as organized. If you were to star in a movie, what kind of movie would it be: Cult film What would your movie star name be: probably my maiden name or some variation like Minoa Viking. What's the scariest movie you've ever seen: It. What is the best movie you've seen in the theater or rented recently: Aviator (recently) and Matrix: Revolutions (in the front row, it was the best) What is the dumbest movie you've ever seen: Pokemon, Dumb & Dumber, any movie where one line after another is just a cliché or filled with swear words so that no one can tell what they are saying. Do you think you're good looking: puffy Do you believe in God: In many forms. Do you believe in Satan: In many forms. Do you believe there is a heaven: There are many. Do you believe there is a hell: There are many. Do you like chocolate: O.o Who/what is on your 2005 calendar: Peanuts, Daniel Merriam. Best Halloween costume you ever wore: hehehe...let's see...I was a cuckoo clock, the statue of liberty, the Sea, a child sick in bed, a fairy and a witch. Do you carry any weapons on you: does body odor count? Insults? How many kids do you want to have: three, minimum Future daughters name: not telling. Future sons name: not telling What is your ideal way to die: After a great accomplishment. I want to end with a bang, not a bummer. (RE: Big Chill) Do you tan easily: Burn!!! Worst feeling in the world?: Guilt Best feeling in the world: Epiphany

you and me

A friend of mine has just decided to act like herself. And I wish her all of the luck in the world. It truly is the hard thing to do. I find it helps if you keep something with you at all times to help you stay sane. Like a water balloon, or a stuffed turtle, or sugar, or Midol. I started to do stuff like that recently, but it just made me feel mean. I’ve always felt like I was being stepped on and used by other people. I tried to be the do-everything, be-everything girl. Quite the Omega. Anyway, I got burned out. Then, I let it happen again, and it helped to spur a depression. I got out of the depression. Truly and fully. Now I have started to be more empowered. I don’t let people walk all over me, and I call them on it whenever they do or say something that offends me, isn’t true (gossip-wise), or when they are being too nosy. It was weird at first, but now I like it. I just have to find a way to be a bit more diplomatic about it because I think I am starting to offend people. Currently looking at: a blue hippo with a purple snout and yellow hair.

col radio

I started a radio on but for the amount of music that I am allowed to play, I just don’t think it’s worth the money. So, for the time being, click this link if you would like to briefly hear my music. The station will expire in a few days. Minoa Radio:

really big lizzard

I’m hyped up on Midol, compared to last night when I was asleep by 8pm b/c I didn’t get the non-drowsy allergy medicine. Spring is in full bloom, and it is beautiful! I stocked up on veggies and fruit last night at Wal-mart. We are starting a healthier diet, which requires us to eat 5 servings of non-pasta food every day. And didn’t you just guess that we ate left-over pizza last night? So! Tonight I will cook for the first time ever Basic Stir-fry!!! Dun dun dun! Get the chicken cookin’, dump in the veggies and the oil, place it over rice. All of the buying of veggies just made me realize how much simpler it would be if I just grew them at home. I will need to get recipes for drying, canning, and preserving veggies so as to keep that “fresh” taste. Current status on yahoo messenger: Not enough Midol in the world to deal with this in a non-messy fashion.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

World Water Day 2005 - World Water Day

"The United Nations General Assembly at its 58th session in December 2003 agreed to proclaim the years 2005 to 2015 as the International Decade for Action, "Water for Life", and beginning with World Water Day, March 22, 2005."

Monday, March 21, 2005

Karaoke Revolution 3

Most fun everness!!! I sat in my little apartment Sunday afternoon singing away to David Bowie & Queen’s "Under Pressure", Flashdance’s "What a Feeling", and Breakfast Club’s "Don’t You Forget About Me." I had a blast! I watched as my little goth girl, Sorrow, climbed her way out of the stinky garage to a royal hall and finally to the U2-esque rooftop! I unlocked characters, outfits, songs and places. It was wonderful! Except for my poor neighbors that heard me shriek like a banshee.

You Are 48% Femme and 52% Butch!

You Are 48% Femme and 52% Butch!
80 - 100% Femme - You're the girly girl of the century. Or Clay Aiken. 60 - 79% Femme - Girl? Almost certainly. If not, you've got some major man boobs going on. 40 - 59% Femme - Girl or guy? Even your best friends can't figure this one out. 20 - 39% Femme - You are likely male, or the toughest, scariest lesbian around. 0 - 19% Femme - You are 100% male. You make cowboys look like pussies.
How Butch or Femme Are You? More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

Friday, March 18, 2005

Birthday Horoscope

You may be feeling a bit on the thoughtful -- and extremely emotional -- side. If your friends are trying to talk you into heading out, but you're really not in the mood, why force yourself? Invite them over. Or not. You want to socialize, but you probably don't have the energy to get dressed and go out. Find a happy medium. Order up a pizza, see if there are any games on and have an impromptu party. It's the perfect evening to have some friends over to your place. And when have you ever had to talk anyone into coming over? There's no doubt that your house is considered the gang's 'club-house.'

Last Night

For my birthday, Glenn made me dinner and took me to an arcade. Sadly, it didn’t seem like any of the games we liked were working…or if they were, they weren’t giving out tickets. O.o So…after a horrible run on DDR and some weird trucker game, I decided to cast the rest of my tokens upon the ski-ball game. (Air hockey was broken.) The ski-ball game did not appear to be giving out tickets this night, but why not just play and have fun, right? After my second game, tickets started to pour out of the thing. Five minutes later and no new balls for the next game, I decided to call the guy over. He looked bored anyway. Turned out that this game had not given tickets out all week, and I was the lucky benefactor. Total tickets for two games of ski ball: 1375. That’s right. He let me keep ALL OF THEM!!! I then proceeded to play the ticket game (make the light stop in the bonus section = more tickets). Well, that game boosted us up to 1500+. We came home that night with two dragons, a turtle, a green clippy-bear, and a little Ernie doll. He’s going to be the zoo-keeper, and he has already had an injury to his arm.

Yahoo! News - 'Satan' Said to Appear on Turtle's Shell

Heheheheh...a demonic turtle...hell in the shell...pious tortoise...anyone else got one?


I’m going to get a party! Really truly honestly!!! I hope my friends show up! I hope they don’t get pissy b/c I invited someone that they don’t like. People are stupid like that! Stupid! Hmmmm. Gah! Doubt has now set in! I feel like I did when I was in grade school. I’ve reverted to twenty years ago. Funny though, I don’t remember ever having issues w/ people coming to celebrate my birthday until I turned into an adult. I think I also pissed off some co-workers yesterday when I didn't let them sing happy birthday to my face. I tend to have a fear of that song the same way that people have a fear of clowns or Tammy Fay Baker. Hey! I'm one of those people! What the heck happened? Wow…so far two people have replied that they may/may not be able to come! Wow! Karma.

TIME MACHINE ! For Time Travel ? very low reserve

This time machine was bought off of eBay. Is March the month of time travel?

Thursday, March 17, 2005

T's Assessment of Me

Personality Assessment You are a cheerful person, choosing colour over practicality. You are non-confrontational, choosing to apologize for something rather than let someone assume or let someone politely ignore something. Ice cream is a joy for you, and you seem to actually bounce with glee when eating it. You like everyone you meet and find it difficult to see faults in others, even children on a schoolbus. You know you're a little crazy, which is good, cause I don't have to be the one to break it to you. Despite your good nature, your choice of favourite expression is telling, indicating a depth no one suspects; you are actually a double agent, both good natured and capable of cackling with the best of the evil. You would make an interesting spy, cause no one would know what to make of you, and you have a lot of hope for the future. You would not be labelled correctly, ever. I.Q. Assessment You are without a doubt in possession of your I.Q. That is to say, I don't have it, you took it. I can't tell you because you already know. What I can tell you is that your use of shorthand is comprehensive, you have made no gramatical or syntax errors save one. And even at that... *waves hand dismissively*

Search Me

To the person who found my blog by searching for "jena malone shoe size": o.O Get another fetish!


Today is my 26th birthday!!! Gah! O.o Not too sure what I have planned tonight, but I believe games might be involved :D Thank you to anyone that has given me a hug. Now, for things Irish: Seamus Heaney U2 Sinead O’Connor The Commitments Home Rule Michael Collins Info About Northern Ireland Druids and the Snakes Irish in America How the Irish Saved Civilization Bangers & Mash Radio Corned Beef & Cabbage Recipe,1627,136188-243197,00.html


The Colorado trip…I will have to get my notes together. But, I had an excellent time, and I attribute it all to positive thinking! I think there were rumors going around that I was going to be whiney, but I prevailed! In fact, I only fell down on my first run!!! Then, I fell down while trying to get on the lift on the second day (like, during my third run). And then I dropped my pole while on the lift on my third day. My monster calves almost made it impossible to walk due to the restraint of the ski boots on them. Also, my husband is one snowboarding hottie.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Blogthings - You Are Very Honest

You Are Very Honest
You tell it like it is, no matter what. Even if the truth hurts, you'll dish it out. And while some may get hurt by your honesty... At least everyone knows where you stand!
Ha! take that you non-believers in me!

Blogthings - You Are 100% Psychic

You Are 100% Psychic
You are so very psychic. But you already predicted that, didn't you? You have "the gift" - and you use it daily to connect with others. You're very tapped into the world around you... Just make sure to use your powers for good!

Blogthings - You Are "Dizzy and Giddy"

You Are "Dizzy and Giddy"
John Kerry

Blogthings - Your Dominant Intelligence is Intrapersonal Intelligence

Your Dominant Intelligence is Intrapersonal Intelligence
Reflective and thoughtful, you enjoy spending time alone. You are good at analyzing yourself - and knowing your true feelings. Totally self aware, you are in tune with your dreams and desires. A spiritual and philopsophical person, your inner calmness inspires and helps others. You would make a great philosopher, researcher, or theorist.

Blogthings - Vertigo by U2

Vertigo by U2
"The night is full of holes Those bullets rip the sky Of ink with gold They twinkle as the boys play rock and roll" In 2004 you partied so hard... you forgot how to count.

Blogthings - You Belong in the UK

You Belong in the UK
Blimey! A little proper, a little saucy. You're so witty and charming... No one notices your curry breath

Blogthings - You Are 12 Years Old

You Are 12 Years Old
Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe. 13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world. 20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences. 30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more! 40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Blogthings - You Have Good Karma

bordercolor=black cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2> You Have Good Karma
In general, you like to do the right thing when it comes to others. Your caring personality really shines through. Sure, you have your moments of weakness - and occasionally act out. But, all in all, you're karma is good... even with those few dark spots.

Blogthings - Your Brain is 53.33% Female, 46.67% Male

Your Brain is 53.33% Female, 46.67% Male
Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female You are both sensitive and savvy Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Student Jailed for Terrorism Over Story

OMG!!! I just wanted to scream when I first heard about this. Apparently grandparents of the student found his journal with a story that included zombies attacking a high school. Although there were no specific names, the student is still being charged with 2nd degree terrorist threat under the Patriot Act. "My story is based on fiction," Poole told "It's a fake story. I made it up. I've been working on one of my short stories, [and] the story they found was about zombies. Yes, it did say a high school. It was about a high school overran by zombies." What's next? A youth camp?

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

BBC NEWS Mexican officers brought to book

Reading is now required in Mexico City for policemen who wish to get a promotion. Check it out! Click the link above!

8 Days Remain

First birthday gift has arrived! A certain someone made me a really cool purse! I had no idea and it was a wonderful way to start the day! Thank you so much!!! It will go purrrrfect with my Rakasha Changeling in DC! I'm definitely starting to relax about my birthday? What do I have to worry about! Right? Everything will be great as long as I think it's so. My attitude all depends on my perspective. Yesterday really showed that to me. Driving in to work, someone's liscense plate was LAUGH. Later on, I read an article about how laughing does indeed increase your lifespan, whereas being depressed and negative will have a 44% chance of decreasing your lifespan. Or something like that. It was the 44% that really scared me. So, I'm looking to laugh!

Cookies & Milk

WARNING: STRONG STOMACH NEEDED TO READ THE FOLLOWING POST!!! In kindergarten, everyone took a turn bringing cookies for the class before the afternoon nap. One day, it was Emmett’s turn. I remember taking one bite of the cookie. I think it might have been peanut butter. Suddenly there was a reaction. I don’t remember my stomach feeling bad or a fever or snot. I just knew that I should open my mouth. Out flooded puke. By the time I was finished, I had my weight in puke. The teacher freaked out and told Emmett to bring me a garbage can. Well, not only did Emmett bring me a garbage can, but he stood there and proceeded to watch me puke into the garbage can. I guess he didn’t want me to feel bad for puking, so he joined me. His puking was too disgusting for me to watch, so I decided to take a walk around the classroom. The teacher yelled for everyone to gather in the corner. I made a pretty orange colored border around the room, while Emmett continued to fill the garbage can with his own slime. I was almost to the door when I missed my teacher’s shoe by about an inch. I guess she felt bad for me because she ran out of the door, hand over her mouth, to the girl’s room. At some point I had stopped and our class was moved. The orange dust that grade schools like to use to cover up the vomit of their students quickly attacked the room. By the next day, all that remained was a nice little stain, letting everyone know that they were about to enter a puke-free zone. I made a real splash of a first impression on my little kindergarten class. I don’t know that anyone even dared to puke for the rest of the year. They knew that they couldn’t beat the champ.

Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion.

Lately I’ve been trying to remember the things that I was taught when I was a young girl. But mostly I just remember the funny stories. I think I’ll post some of those in a little bit. Heheheh…I hope that you have a strong stomach. Remember "Lard Ass?" Yeah, I did something like that. I realize that I had a liberal-Catholic education. For example, I was one of the first altar girls – even though us females were still not allowed to touch the sacraments. Oh heaven forbid! But, I cannot remember anything that we were taught that would go against any of the dogma. Evolution? Does that count? It got really weird in high school though. I went to a private girls school where they still had nuns. But they mostly taught the religion classes. I’ll never forget how my friends told me that in their class, the nun told them that they should know what they "like" and that masturbation was good. I think my face stayed red for an entire hour. I also remember watching a couple of Candice Cameron movies about rape in school. They would show them on tv ("She Cried No" and "No One Would Tell") the night before, and you just knew that the next two religion classes would be filled with cliché scripts and bad acting. (There was another one with Tiffany Amber Theissen "She Fought Alone.") It was kind of disturbing though that the only way these teachers felt that they could talk with us about these things was by showing us a movie. In grade school they at least made an attempt. The boys and girls would split up in 5th grade for sex ed. We’d be taught about what was going on with our bodies, and actually not be afraid to ask questions. I think that they still showed a stupid movie though. But, I definitely started out as one of those shy Catholic girls, and I didn’t really have a normal relationship with a guy until I went to college. For example, whenever a guy sat down next to me, my immediate thoughts were "What does he want from me? Is he trying to flirt with me? What should I do?" I would sit there in a state of shock, within a minute the guy would leave or class would begin. After about a semester I think I loosened up enough so that I could at least hold a conversation with a guy and not "think anything of it."

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Did you hear the one about Matt Jackson the Twat?

Everyone reads Dooce right? The insanely infamous Dooce dot com had an ugly little troll send her an email today (on International Women's Day no less). This troll apparently works for AT&T, and in his email to her wrote: "Find that your being a woman makes you a liability in the work force to an employer, typically."

And You Just Don't Know It

If I could travel back in time just to die, would I? Hell no. 'Cause I got it too good now. I love my husband and I love my life. I worked too hard (physically, mentally, emotionally) to get where I am now. I made bad choices. But, where would I be if I made better ones? In a mansion? In an executive chair? Pregnant? I don't care. I like my current goals. I like what I am doing with my life. Learning patience. Learning how to defrost the chicken without cooking it. Learning code. Learning crafts. Learning control and release. It is a good time in my life, and I have earned my place here. :)

Donnie Darko Review

I watched Donnie Darko tonight. (Warning! Spoilers ahead!) Not only was it a Flower Films Production, but Jena Malone was also in it. Then there was the soundtrack. No real voice over narration. Just a story about your average schizophrenic neighborhood kid that can see worm holes. I don't think that I want to analyze the movie. I just want to let it stand for what it is. The relationships. Gosh, did the father really do anything? You could clearly tell that the mother was in charge. The kids were kids. And that is one thing that I still see movies doing. They take the time out of the heavy story line to just show kids being kids. Bouncing on the trampoline together. Sharing a laugh. Bullying. Sharing a moment by standing outside of a neighbor's house. Nice little impact.


Dementia...a world of unknown. Coming to gray cells near you!

I Got Flare!

An exceptionally busy week, why not make it busier? More so than a one armed monkey with diarrhea? Not quite that busy, just very scheduled. Don’t want to be disappointmented. Gah. Dinner last night. Dinner tonight. Friend over tomorrow night. Pack. Yay! I’m a little nervous about my birthday coming up, I hope that I have fun! I know I’m being extremely rude, but I just don’t want to spend my birthday weekend with anyone in particular. Or does that make me sound like a "Party of Five" character? I just want things to happen naturally. I have so much that I want to do, that I’m worried I’ll feel overwhelmed and not do it. Projects! Projects! I think I am at a point in my life when I feel that I do have time to accomplish things, but I’m afraid what that will mean. Do I have the talent? The patience? Last night I bought a bead loom and a beading book! This book actually gives instructions for making your own beads! o.O As well as how to weave on and off of the loom! I’m really excited! I need to make a certain friend something. She’s already made me a few pieces, one of which just blows my mind! I’ll attempt to take a picture of it soon and post it. Basically, it’s a beaded pipe, but it can be bent in many ways. Maybe I’ll model it. My favorite thing about it is the little turtle that hangs off of the end. I’ve been pondering lately whether or not I am manic-depressive. My husband will tease me that I am, but I had to seriously stop and think about it. I’ve had one other person say that "explode" about once a year, that I bounce back and forth too much, that I need professional help. So, my first step was to ask my husband. He said that he thinks I am just emotional. Why do I trust his opinion? This might sound creepy, but he researches my habits and emotions. By doing that, he is better able to talk things out with me. He has such a great attitude! I know that I have tried his patience on more than a few occasions. I think that if I did not meet him when I did, then I might have actually been on serious anti-depressants. He was able to talk me thru the worst time in my life. Worse than grammar school. Gah! O.o So, that is why I trust him. Because I know that he loves me and is looking out for me. The second thing I did…er…actually, it was the first thing, a year or so ago…anyway! The second thing I did was look up the symptoms online. Although some might have fit, there weren’t enough matching symptoms for me to consider that I might be bi. ROFLMAO. I mean, bi-polar. Yeah. Oye. Today's quiz is brought to you by: codeine. Joanna What Office Space character are you? brought to you by

Monday, March 07, 2005


I was just called "dark but a hershey's 'special' bar". ROFLMAO!!! Jenny, you crack me up!

Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?

You scored as The Beast. Your alter ego is The Beast! But that is only a name... you are kind hearted and sweet, people just misunderstand you.

The Beast






Sleeping Beauty


Cruella De Ville




Peter Pan


Donald Duck


Snow White



Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego? created with

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Bodily What?

You scored as Bodily/Kinesthetic. You process knowledge through bodily sensations and use your body in skilled ways. You need opportunities to move and act things out. You learn best by touching, moving around, and processing knowledge through bodily sensations. People like you include carpenters, repairpersons, mechanics, dancers, gymnasts, swimmers and jugglers.














The Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligences created with

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sweetest Thing Ever

My husband was going to throw me a surprise party, but our DC event is happening on that weekend so he couldn't. I've never had a surprise party before, and it would have been wonderful! He also had another surprise up his sleeve...there is a house for sale. The friend that told him about it is supposed to tell him a price. I guess he was going to take me to see it some weekend soon too. Can you believe it? A surprise party and a house! I guess the party is off, unless we have it during the week or wait til April. Yuppers, all of our weekends are pretty much booked already. I've also started to reconnect with some friends. (Hey guys!) I've been finding blogs and people are coming to town to visit. It's all quite exhilarating! Now, I'm just waiting to hear back from my mom to see if she likes my hair cut. :P


1. Name: Colleen, Col, Turtle, Starfish, Minoa, Pesty, Freak, Mimic. 2. Birthday: March 17. 3. Piercings: Two earrings. 4. Tattoos: None. 5. Height: 5'4". 6. Shoe size: 8. 7. Hair color: Brown. 8. Hair Length: Just cut! Shoulders. 9. Pets: None here. 10. In the morning I am: Snuggling up to my husband. 11. Love is: Good. 12. If I could see one person right now: My husband. Last... 1. Movie you rented: Chronicles of Riddick Cartoon. 2. Movie you bought: 50 First Dates 3. Song you listened to: Whatever was playing on Radio Buffy. 4. Song you had stuck in your head: Theme song from Aqua Teen Hunger Force "My name is! Shake-zula, the mic-rula, old-schooler - Fries' part - Meatball make the honey's g...." 5. Song you've downloaded: N/A 6. Person you've called: My husband. 7. Person that called you: My husband Do... 1. You have a B/F or G/F?: Lots of girlfiends ;) 2. You have a crush on someone?: Nope. 3. You wish you could live somewhere else?:Sorta. 4. You think about suicide?: Not anymore. 5. You believe in online dating? It's not for everyone, but I'm sure it works for some. 6. Others find you attractive?: Supposedly, I just think their prescription ran out. 7. You want more piercing?: Maybe two more on my ears. 8. You want more tattoos?: Nope. 9. Do you like cleaning? It's an obsession really. 10. You write in cursive or print?: Print. 11. You carry a donor card?: Yes. For or against... 1. Long distance relationships: Against. 2. Using someone: Don't do it. It's not fun. 3. Suicide: against 4. Killing people: Not in this life. 5. Teenage smoking: Against 6. Driving drunk: Against. 7. Gay/lesbian relationships: For. Favorite... 1. Food? Italian. 2. Song? Currently "Once More With Feeling" episode of Buffy season 6. 3. Thing to do? Write, read, surf the net, learn things. 4. Thing to talk about? My novel. 5. Sports? I like to play softball, hockey, gymnastics and the Quick and the Dead. 6. Drinks? Water, iced tea, tea, chocolate milk, apple juice, and chocolate milkshakes. 7. Clothes? Voluptuous & comfy overalls. 8. Movies? Jaws, RHPS, Hedwig & the Angry Inch, Pirates of Penzance, the Pirate movie, 9. Bands/Recording artists? Pet Shop Boys, U2, Commitments, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Tori Amos, Sarah McLaughlin, "Weird" Al Yankovic, Rammstein, System of a Down, Rufus Wainwright, Prince 10. Holiday? Halloween. 11. Car? Jetta. 12. Ever cried over a woman/man? Yes. 13. Ever lied to someone? Yes. 14. Ever been in a fight or arrested? No. What… 1. Shampoo do you use? Any 2. Perfume/Cologne do you use? Love DreamAngel by Victoria Secret. 3. Number of times you have had your heart broken? Yes. 4. Number of hearts you have broken? Er…one? 5. # Of women/men kissed? 7 6. # Of drugs taken illegally? Types? None 7. # Of people I would classify as true/could trust with my life type friends? 5 8. # Of people I consider my enemies? 1 9. # Of people from high school that I stayed in contact with? No one. 10. # Of CDs? ???? 11. # Of scars on body? Too many. My favorite is from a motorcycle. 12. # Of things in my past that I regret? Ha! Have You... Pictured your crush naked? Hell yes. Actually seen your crush naked? Yes. 3. Been in love? Yes. 4. Cried when someone died? Yes. 5. Drank alcohol? Yes. With the sex(es) to whom you are attracted: 1. What do you notice first? The whole package. Who: 1. Makes you laugh the most? hmmmmmm. 2. Makes you smile? Glenn. 3. Gives you a funny feeling when you see them? Bush. Is easiest to talk to: Glenn Have you ever: Sat on the Internet all day waiting for someone special to I.M. you? Yes. Saved AOL/AIM conversations? Yes. 3. Cried because of someone saying something to you? Yes. 4. Fallen for your best friend? Yuppers. 5. Been rejected? Hell yes! 6. Rejected someone? Yes. 7. Been cheated on? No? Who was the last person: 1. You talked to? Sheila. 2. Hugged? Glenn. 3. Kissed? Glenn. 4. You instant messaged? Sheila. You laughed with? Sheila. Do you: 1. Color your hair? Not currently. 2. Ever get off the darn computer? Yes. Habla espanol? Asi, asi. Have you/ Are you/ Do you: 1. Obsessive: Yes. 2. Could you live without the computer? :faints: 3. How many people are on your buddy list? Which one? 4. What's your favorite food? Italian. 5. What's your favorite fruit? Raspberries. 6. Drink alcohol? Not really. 7. Like watching sunrises or sunset? Yuppers. 8. What hurts the most, physical pain or emotional pain? Emotional. 9. Trust others way too easily? Yes Final Questions: I want: have a drink after answering this. I wish: I had something to drink. I love: Glenn. I miss: my Sweet Pea. I fear: nothing. I hear: Domi’s "Uninspired" on Gamer Radio. I wonder: aloud. I am: wanting my leg to stop hurting.

Countdown Initiated

It is officially two weeks until my birthday. Wheeeeeee! o.O I have been an adult for a whole year now, and yet…I still feel wittle. I should be attending my first masters degree course in the fall…er…online. I have no idea why I am getting my masters, other than so I can make money. In my mind I still have a fantasy built upon the fact that when we buy our house, my life will suddenly take on this artistic flare that just starts the money pouring in. But, I think I need to make a jump first at home, but producing real goods and then attempt to sell them. How many of us home artists are out there, anyway? Is it any wonder though that my birthday comes on the cusp of the fateful ski trip? Will I spend my birthday in a cast or at work, tired but happy w/ a great story? I have special plans with myself that weekend, which is really fortunate considering how creative I have been feeling lately. "Too many projects going at once" was my Native American baptismal name! I feel kind of guilty about it too because there is a Dragon Crest event that weekend, but I had decided even before I knew it was that weekend that this would be the weekend of freedom. That, and I would probably need the recovery time for sleep. :P I’ve suddenly had an urge to start drinking. I think it was one of the memes that I just filled out. It kept asking me if I drank and how much and what is my favorite. Oye. Funny though, how I don’t like drinking too much, and yet, that’s what everyone does on my birthday. I always wondered though why Chicago dyed the river green. Walking home from high school everyday, I would pass over the north branch of the river. And every day I checked, "Yup, still green." It would be nice if it were dyed blue. :D

Three Things

Three names you go by: Colleen (what most people call me) Col (what my family and friends call me, although they pronounce it differently) Mimic (Primary Dragon Crest character) Three screen names you have: BraidedBaka27 (AIM) Minoa (handle) Cute Lil Pest (variations there of) Three things you like about yourself: I’m sensitive. I have a good sense of humor. I can bake. Three things you hate/dislike about yourself: I have little to no self respect and self confidence. I do not stand up for myself and express my needs. I get sick and cry too much. Three parts of your heritage: Irish German Alsace Lorraine Three things that scare you: Losing my husband. Everyone leaving me. Losing control. Three of your everyday essentials: Sugar. Cuddles. Creativity. Three things you are wearing right now: Wedding ring. Turtle ring. Husband’s sweater that does not fit him anymore. Three of your favorite bands/artists (at the moment): "Weird" Al Yankovic "Once More With Feeling" soundtrack from Buffy Season 6 U2

Three of your favorite songs at present: Marilyn Manson "Beautiful People" (especially when driving home from work)

Yankovic "Yoda"

Buffy "Going Thru the Motions"

Three things you want to try in the next 12 months: Ski Bead on clothing Make tiramisu

Three things you want in a relationship (love is a given): Fun Sympathy Cuddles Two truths and a lie: I can touch my tongue to my nose. They thought that I was a twin before I was born. I’m really not from Chicago. Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you: Shoulders Hands Face Three things you just can't do: Go to a strip club. Have an affair. Not believe in an afterlife. Three of your favorite hobbies: Baking. Beading. Singing. Three things you want to do really badly right now: Drink. Eat. Be merry. Three careers you're considering: Artist. Mother. Educator. Three places you want to go on vacation: The ocean. Europe. Home. Three kids' names: (For my hypothetical kids?) Kitten Turtle Pumpkin Three things you want to do before you die: (strangely, I've given a longer list of these in a previous blog) See the ocean. Buy a house. Play in the ocean. Three people who have to take this quiz now or die a painful death: Jenny VJ Therese (Remember, the quiz promises you will die a painful death should you refuse to take it!)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Thanks to VJ for the inspiration...go to Fuzzy in Focus to see pictures of things I like, but can't explain why. I have a feeling that I will be posting a lot of those. Funny, how the poet is always at a lost for words.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I am such an oyester. Oye oye oye. All of the time. For any of you wishing to start a book of the month club, my friend Jenny is going to start reading A CONNETICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR’S COURT. I would, except the "Hello Central" in the end drives me to oye’ing! Hopefully everyone is enjoying the brave new world of turtle color here on the Manticore. Er, Undercore, or Munstercore. I can’t keep up. What can I say? She has a mind of her own and is going thru an identity crisis. So, please forgive Manti while she goes thru the change. There has been a lot of sickness as well as a couple of deaths recently. It seems that 2005 is the Year of the Bug. He creeps in when you aren’t looking and infects until your life has rearranged itself. I hope that you and everyone in your life is healthy and enjoying this new year!