Friday, April 29, 2005

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I need to post a picture on the top by the title. Anyone out there that can fill me in on how to do that?

Naming the Ghost

What should we call the ghost?


My co-worked typewriter started to type by itself. She turned it off. Waited, turned it back on. It started to type again. And it wasn't typing like a solid letter, it sounded like someone typing a letter. She turned it off a second time, when it came back on the ghost was back. She leapt out of her cubicle. I jumped in there and put a piece of paper to find out what the message was. xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx I unplugged it. I thought it wasn't appropriate for this office. My co-workers are currently quite edgy and ready to run if the now un-plugged typewriter begins to type again.

Today's Smell Is...

Old carpet. Old carpet that has been walked on by 68 year old men that have worked all day in the field and have now decided to spread their toe juice all over the carpets here.


Edible Dirt - Thursday, April 28, 2005

Edible Dirt - Thursday, April 28, 2005 MUAHAHAAHAHAH! Definitely in a demonic mood today. Maybe it has something to do with the body left in my wake. Rain is good. Rain is dangerous.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

How To Impress Me

Sometimes the things that I would like to see in others are really the things that I hope to see in myself: Buy me good tiramisu. Subscribe me to one of the “of the month” clubs listed below. Use signals when you turn in traffic. Be polite (e.g. yes ma’am, no sir, please, thank you). When noticing that it is getting late, leave rather than say you are going to leave. Realize when someone is just not in the mood for your crap! Sit on your ego. Listen more, talk less. Don’t do the things that you would be ashamed to tell your grandkids about later, but do the things that you’ll get a kick out of telling your mother about 10 years after you did it. Never give up hope. Don’t take a “no” from someone that cannot give you a “yes.” Have an open mind while still maintaining your beliefs. Stop someone when you see that they are hurting themselves or others. Be the designated driver at least once in your life. Never be afraid to tell someone “no”. Take the afternoon off to go buy shoes – and take me with you!!! (I’m still waiting Jen!!!) Become really good at something and take pride in it. Have confidence in yourself. Take a chance to push the limit and have an escape plan.

Blogthings - The Amazing Meganame Generator

Col Minoa Pesty's Aliases

Your movie star name: Tiramisu Gustav
Your fashion designer name is Col Prague
Your socialite name is Colleenie Chili Beenie Key West
Your fly girl / guy name is C Pes
Your detective name is Turtle GC
Your barfly name is Strawberries Sex On The Beach
Your soap opera name is Minoa Tripp
Your rock star name is Chocolated Covered Raisins Falcor
Your star wars name is Colswe Pesgle
Your punk rock band name is The Menstral Hand Waxer

Song of the Day

"Ow ow ow ow dammit dammit ow ow." End with a strawberry.

Scientists Say Everyone Can Read Minds

Scientists Say Everyone Can Read Minds - Yahoo! News "Empathy allows us to feel the emotions of others, to identify and understand their feelings and motives and see things from their perspective. How we generate empathy remains a subject of intense debate in cognitive science. Some scientists now believe they may have finally discovered its root. We're all essentially mind readers, they say."

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Beads of the Month Club

Math Book of the Month Club

Math Book of the Month Club This excites. It actually excites me.

Carnivorous Plant of the Month Club

Beautiful! Carnivorous Plant of the Month Club This is bloody brilliant!!!!

Chank Font of the Month Club

Chank Font of the Month Club "When you subscribe to the Chank Font of the Month Club, you stay hip to today's typographic trends. You are the first on your block to use Chank's newest, previously unreleased fonts -- professional fonts of the highest quality with complete character sets."

Italian Cooking and Living - Italian recipes, Italian food, olive oils, etc.

Google Search: "of the month" club

Google Search: "of the month" club I just realized...I need to write in l33t more.

Pranks & Gag Gifts: Gag of the Month Club

Pranks & Gag Gifts: Gag of the Month Club A gag for me and a gag for j00!

Sock of the Month Kits

Sock of the Month Kits Sock it to 'em!

Wish-of-the-Month Club, Part 1 of 3

Wish-of-the-Month Club, Part 1 of 3 Didn't have time to read thru all of this today, but that's just how WACKED-OUT I am. So, not sure what's up w/ this one, but it sure sounds nice.

Certificate of the Month Club - One Year Subscription - The Perfect Gift

Unfortunate Animal of the Month Club

Unfortunate Animal of the Month Club So far the most morbid "of the month" club that I have found. Definitely tempting, especially around Halloween. They suggest you have them delivered to your place of business.

Mineral of the Month Club

Mineral of the Month Club For those of us afraid of spalunking!

Gourmet Coffee Clubs, Tea, Gifts & Of-The-Month Club

Gourmet Coffee Clubs, Tea, Gifts & Of-The-Month Club Mmmm...this one is sure to keep you warm through the winter.

Candy of the Month Club

Candy of the Month Club Candy! Candy! Candy!

Nut of the Month Club - Monthly Selections

Nut of the Month Club - Monthly Selections Because you can never have just one nut. Wanna try my nuts? Anyone ever seen the movie MIXED NUTS?


Software Of the Month Club For your computing needs.


God Of the Month Club Heheheh...this really reminds me of a certain friend. He looks angelic when he prays...and then he smiles. LOL

Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club - Chocolate Club

Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club - Chocolate Club I want! I want! Especially this week! Someone sign me up.... I'm in a weird/freaky/painful mood today. So, there shall be randomness.

What's Wrong? Actual IM Conversation

Manticore Caretaker: blech Manticore Caretaker: $%*#! Friend: now what???!!! Manticore Caretaker: . Friend: what's wrong? Manticore Caretaker: . Friend: stop!! Friend: lol Manticore Caretaker: i can't Manticore Caretaker: it won't for 3-5 days Friend: wht's wrong??? Manticore Caretaker: . Friend: oh i see Friend: OH i get it Friend: duh Manticore Caretaker: lol Friend: heh Friend: oh well, at least you are getting it over with Manticore Caretaker: lol Manticore Caretaker: ? Friend: i don't know Manticore Caretaker: it just started!!! Friend: sounded encouraging Manticore Caretaker you okay? Manticore Caretaker: lol Friend: yes Friend: lol Friend: i'm a popsicle

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

For Your Social Needs

New e-mail address:


Nose peeling. Trying to keep my skirt on. 1,262 on the Kitty Cannon.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Mrs. Butterforth

News: I have been banned again. It was the Lestat comment. My second post was also apparently filled with New Age satanic crap. There was some mention about Mrs. Butterforth as well. I still don't know what that was about. My friend, the dreamer, has also been attacked by some people that she thought were her friends. I hate cliques. Sadly, this is not the first time that I have been attacked this way. The previous time occurred in almost the same fashion. Except, I went to a dance club w/ a youth ministry leader. Instead of being tagged, on I was put on a "To Be Saved" list. Go here to shoot a kitty out of a cannon.

Friday, April 22, 2005


I have been allowed back onto the forum that I was banned from earlier. From the moderator: "i banned your account ... it was mainly due to the amount of problems we have had lately. could you please let us get to know you a little before such an intense post... more later... the account is back on.... thanks..." Then, there was a reply from a guy that actually understood my dream analysis, and he even said that he thought just like me, but "type of interpretation ignores the spiritual nature of the dream state. So it was perhaps inappropriate even though there was no overt evil intent or immediate danger. Some people appear to have sensed the inappropriateness and instinctively reacted against it, rather aggressively I might add (ROTFLMAO). Well, better safe than sorry! Apologies can be made later if needed." Here was my response when I was allowed to post again: I was quite taken aback this morning when [edited name] informed me that I had been banned from the forum. I sincerely apologize if I offended anyone. That was truly not my intention. I am quite anti-troll re: forums, and I completely agree w/ your rules in regards to banning anyone whose sole purpose in posting in these forums is to bash the people and opinions here. THAT WAS NOT MY INTENTION. I was however quite disappointed that I had not received a notification that my account had been blocked (with or without an explanation). I thoroughly read the license agreement before and after I posted, and a few more times after my post was pulled. I understand your need to know people before they post [moderator's name], but I did not consider my post or anyone else’s to be "intense". Also, as I said before, I read the license agreement to see what I needed to do to be able to post. In most forums that I have been in, there is typically an "Introduction" section (if the site is small enough) to allow everyone to get to know each other. If the [this site] had such a forum, then believe me when I say that if not before, then shortly after my analysis of [edited name] dream had been posted I would have posted something about myself on that forum. But alas! There was no such place. Therefore, I am kind of confused as to where to post this info. I guess that info on a profile could work, but could a list of interests or a person’s occupation truly "introduce" someone? I try not to judge people solely based on their profile, but on their posts and with my interactions with them on the forums. I guess I expected to be given that chance by people with open minds and I feel like I was denied that. I enjoy healthy discussions on forums, and I did not think that what I posted was spiritually offensive. Again, when I registered with this site I was under the impression that people of every denomination were welcome, except Satanists. Since I am not a Satanist, I thought that I would be welcome. But apparently something that I wrote gave that appearance? I still am not sure what it was since no one asked for an explanation. That was the second thing that greatly disappointed me with the [site]. I came to this forum b/c of the good things that [edited name] had told me about the people that participate in discussions here (e.g. open-minded, non-denominational, kind). I’m really not trying to "bash" anyone or anything, but after the way that I was treated without any kind of warning or request to defend my analysis of [edited name]’s dream, I do feel threatened and uncomfortable with sharing my opinion and beliefs with people on this forum if all that I will get in return is backlash and ill-will. I had no idea what [edited name]meant when he said that I was "tagged and have a short time to repent" until [edited name] told me that he meant everyone that agreed with him would openly pray against me (basically wishing me harm) and that I had to ask for forgiveness. It frightened me to a point that I wondered, "Had I known these people IRL, would they have slashed my tires or come after me?" I was especially confused b/c by the time I read that and understood what had happened I could not get into the forum and ask forgiveness from anyone that I offended!!! Not only that, but I felt that people were speaking for [edited name] without her permission. I have been greatly upset by this all day long and this morning I was almost crying because I could not understand how people could be so hateful towards me! And [edited name], I just saw your apology before I posted this, and I do thank you for it. However, it still makes me uncomfortable that I was "tagged". Thank you to [edited name] for making me feel welcomed! I felt like someone actually understood me, besides [edited name]. So, before I am banned or my post is removed again, please, before you pass judgement, could you at least ask me or tell me what I said to offend you? Yes, I believe in God, but like the moderator states on the licensing agreement about himself: "[I do] not listen to man ... but also seek to do the will of God. Perhaps even you fall short of this worthy goal ... I guarantee that I do." I truly did not mean to offend. I thought that this was an open faith-based forum. Since it seems to be an issue, I will say that I believe in God. And, quite honestly, I am afraid to say anything else for fear of being attacked again. However, I do believe that people should follow God instead of man. Again, I thought that I was going to be welcomed here and I started posting b/c [edited name] and I were trying to figure out what her dream meant. I did not mean to offend, but instead was offended. Sadly, I did not expect to be this affected by stuff written on a forum. You guys are definitely committed, I will give you that. I just wish you would give people a chance or change the description of the intent of your forum and the expected protocol that you expect new members to follow." And I did receive an apology from the guy that originally "tagged" me. He claimed that it meant "if you were truly coming after one of God's people that you would have to repent to Him and not do it again. That if you were of the satanic persuasion you would have to make a choice between that side and God's." And he did apologize and said he didn't mean me any illwill.

Dream Infurer

If you or anyone else has a dream that you would like me to interpret or if you have a dream of yours/someones that was interpretted and would like to share, then please send to the Manticore! Also, if anyone would like to take a stab (pun intended) at interpreting the dream below, then please send that too! Opinions are welcome here!

No Neutrality

After I posted, this is what others said about me. I would like to say though, that I will not let this affect the way that I think about all Christians. I was just upset that they didn't give me a chance to defend myself. I am all for respectful debate, but some times things get out of control too fast. I will not post the name of the board or the link or the id's/handles of any of the people. I just want to warn people of the risks they take when entering a forum. You might want to explain yourself before you do anything wrong. It feels funny going on about this, but at the same time I am shocked! I really am not posting this as a way to speak out against Christians or religion, but rather the blocking of people on forums before they have a chance to respond. I never received any type of warning from the moderator. The liscensing agreement openly stated that people who's purpose is to bash others on this site will be blocked. I completely agree with that, but what in their minds is bashing? Before I registered w/ this site, I checked to see if I needed to be of a specific denomination, and as far as I could tell it was an open site. I have since discovered differently. I still am not sure why I was blocked other than a difference of opinion. I decided it was against my better judgement to post what was said. The basic thing though was "No Neutrality." It kinda reminds me of "No Nukes." (edited 4/27/05)

Others Misinterpret

Here are some things that others said about the dream: **"Human sacrifices comes up but hey, I don't have keys to interpret dreams." **"Apr 13 - My first question is: were you into the occult at some time during your life? This is I think clearly an occult dream invasion. Apr 18 - Very same scenario - VERY odd, further proof I think that you have an intruder creating this scenario. I think attributing it to "aliens' is going a bit far. The same inky black room, the same oppressive heaviness in the air. I have to ask why you were kneeling at the wall with the pentagram. Was it as if you had a choice in the matter? Changed from black to white = calling evil good. Passing thru the wall suggests other-dimensionality - sort of like a star-gate. You were inside the earth or some planet. Perhaps were another race of beings once lived - or still live but you haven't met them yet. Bruises on arms - not good sign. You need to pray yourself up and get some powerful Verses down into your very spirit. Shalom." **"The pentegram is of the occult and you being pulled through may show that a doorway in the spirit is still open. You need to renounce any past involvement (out loud) in the occult and place it under the blood of Yashua. Just my take on it........"

Col Analyzes Batman

Here is the analysis that I posted to that dream on the forum. Beforehand, others (like, 4 people) suggested that the dreamer was being possessed by a demon. I did try to make some of it humorous. Sometimes too much seriousness can get a little creepy/scary for my taste. Especially on places like forums where you can't really detect a stranger's tone. Although I do know the dreamer in real life, I want to respect her privacy and have slightly edited some lines for any names or pointed details about her life. Here was my response: "I do not believe that someone is taking over your dreams. I need to be clear on that. This dream really isn’t that odd. Even for you. You say that people don’t know the real you, how dark you are. Keep that in mind while I suggest what I think your dream means. At first, you say that you are walking thru something really thick and you can’t really see through it, right? But, you have a white gown on. This to me means that at some point, your path was unclear, but you tried to remain untainted (white gown). Then you say that you willingly kneeled before an upside down pentagram. The upside down pentagram (long been seen as symbolic for Satan and Anton LeVay's Church of Satan (if you believe in Satan like the Church, then this sign is worse than being given the finger)) can be thought of as against god, or the physical over the spiritual. And then there are others that don’t give a rat’s ass and say it doesn’t matter which way it’s pointed b/c it just reflects the human body. The idea that you kneeled before this upside down pentagram could mean a couple of things. 1. You are succumbing to whatever bad there is in your life. 2. You are becoming more yourself. (To be explained later.) 3. You are succumbing to what others believe is bad. (Remember you’re still wearing the white gown.) 4. You just thought it would be fun ‘cuz this is a dream and why not just go w/ it. Sometimes an upside down pentagram is just an upside down pentagram. Now, more! 1. Succumbing to the bad in your life. I think that is kinda self-explanatory. You can’t see by yourself thru the black so you go to the one thing that you can see and give yourself up to it. 2. By kneeling before the ‘bad’ pentagram, you are becoming more yourself. You are becoming more ‘bad’. But, not in a Michael Jackson way. More like, you’re going against the grain and accepting yourself for who you are. Are you an alien? If so, cool. You are learning to accept who you are and saying "who cares?" to all of your family and friends that are or have been trying to control you. I’m not trying to start a fight w/ you and your family and friends. I’m not saying that they are controlling you, but I think that this is one obvious aspect of the dream that I think people just don’t see. 3. The exact opposite of what I just said. By saying, "who cares?" to others you might secretly be feeling that you are becoming what they (and you?) fear most. Hence the symbolism of the upside down pentagram; you are ignoring some spiritual aspect. But, is it for them or for you? Or, have you been doing it to spite others? 4. You are really a goth at heart and idolize the romantic side of being a vampire, and like, wouldn’t it be totally cool if Lestat were reading this right now? Okay, continuing with the dream. You put your hands on the wall and are pulled through by an unknown person. You know it is a person b/c of the hands. The fact that it is a person is interesting. Does it symbolize anything or was it just a form of transcendence from the dark room? Do the hands represent the person keeping you in the cage, or were they your hands helping you to free yourself? The most important part is where you end up: in a cave. Allegory of the cave anyone? Also note, that you mentioned it was a cave just like in Batman. Who was Batman but the alter-ego of Bruce Wayne? Bruce Wayne was someone that everyone could idolize b/c of his brains & wealth, although he didn’t have that great of a family life. [edited out for privacy] Bruce became Batman to make others lives better, and to release the bat from within. Bat -> Flight -> Transcendence. As the bat he could fight that which was stifling others. Maybe you’re trying to find your own inner bat. (Yes, it sounds corny, but I think the metaphor works.) So, in the bat cave you also related how you kicked up dust. When I think of transcendence and dust, I think of the Phoenix. Also, you are covered in red and are now wearing a black gown. You have embraced whatever it was you needed to overcome to get you to the cave. Odd how now that you are in the cave, you are more free. The cave is an inner part of you, and only you can get there. It’s outside of the cave that you do not feel safe. Maybe something is about to change? Notice how you can also make out your surroundings. You are more comfortable here. Above you are the set of stones on a platform in a circle. You are being reborn. (Do I really need to go into this?) It’s not a satanic circle or a demonic circle. Circles are good, and I think in this scenario, this one definitely is! Since the stones are above you, I think it means that you will have to get to that higher level. Spiritual, mental, physical, your choice! But, you will need to get there and you will carry w/ you all of your experiences from the time you were lost in the dark. As to "letting some outside spirit it".... I cannot confirm or deny that. I haven't studied that. All I can say is that I know dreams and to me, yours is a basic dream about moving on and transcending from who you were. Be the bat. "

The Dream That Started It All

Here is my friends dream that I analyzed. It is a recurring dream (twice): On April 13th 2005: Everything was dark, I mean really dark so that you couldn't even see in front of you. The air was really damp and cold, and really close. Like you could actually TOUCH the air. Well, it was just dark for a long time, and then there was this red light.... but not like a lightbulb light, like a sheen, or a glow. But everything was still dark, black. So, the room was nothing but BLACK and it had a red glow. SO.... (make sense?)....somehow it was a room like a bedroom and I was trying to sleep I guess.. and I was laying down. Well, I opened my eyes and saw nothing but a black wall with a bright red glowing (like neon) pentagram. But it wasn't only glowing, it was running.. like wet paint. (or as my friend asked.. could it be blood?) I closed my eyes again and felt like the air was going to crush me. When I opened my eyes again it was just dark and black.. it's so hard to explain the dark. It was like ink... or heavy like water... I don't know how else to explain it. When I woke up I felt this weird disassociation feeling. Like I was still dreaming.. like nothing was real. I had more "alien" bruises yesterday and today they are much worse. Larger and darker colored. (She has had bruises on her arms for awhile. So far, no other explanation other than she grips her arms during her sleep and bruises easily. ~ Col) On April 18, 2005: I had that dream again... only it was a little different this time. It was the same black and the same dark, heavy and deep. The same wall with the pentagram, dripping with paint - or blood -whatever. This time I was wearing a long white gown.... and was kneeling in front of that wall. Behind me was another wall, with blue and white on it. (i don't know what was ON the wall, no idea) But I reached my hands THROUGH the black wall, and when I did, hands on the other side grabbed me. I was pulled through and when I went through the wall, my gown changed to black, from the black on the wall, and I had the red paint/blood all over me. The place I was pulled to was like a dark gray cave, something out of Batman or whatever. LOL It felt cold and seemed to be covered in ash.. I'm not exactly sure. It was like a large gray platform and there was a large circle of rocks on it. It seemed like there were buildings or something built into the walls of the cave, like places people could live. But I woke up before I could see anymore, and didn't dream about it again.

Remember This - Horoscope

4-22-05 Yahoo: Quickie: How can you ever change for the better if you keep holding onto the old ways? Let go. Overview: If you don't have to get up early, stay up as late as you have in ages, chatting away about what happened when you were six -- or ten, or nineteen. Just don't forget to mention recent history, too. Sadly, others won't respond well to your brilliant advice as the week begins -- so keep those insights to yourself on Monday. (It's just as well, really, because that will save you from getting sucked into their personal dramas.) Sometime in the middle of the week, you'll need to choose whether to look before you leap, probably when deciding whether to help somebody else out. Go ahead and take a chance, even if you're unclear on the facts. Toward the end of the week, you'll need to switch gears and be wary of partnership problems, especially involving finances. On Sunday, be assertive and take a stand.

I Have Been Banned

I have just been banned by a form. I have gone "against one God's lambs to lead her astray. In Jesus' Name be gone. You are tagged and have a short time to repent." I think I was offline during the short time I had to repent. I have not been allowed to defend myself. However, I did find the disclaimer re: banning of people/posts on the agreement terms page: "As long as you do not seek to worship Satan (which this definition will be randomly determined minute by minute)". I have never been against Christians. I really don't like to badmouth them as a whole, especially since the whole red v. blue thing came up. I went registered into a forum for the sole purpose of giving someone an objective dream interpretation, I did not bash or intend to offend, but because of my neutrality and failure to either reject Satan outright or praise God in my post, I was banned. And then my IP was blocked so I no longer have a chance to defend and repent before them. God, I need a drink.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Pope Name Generator

If I am elected, my pope name will be:
Pope Beastly Roger I
What's your pope name? Name:
To continue w/ all things beastly...I think I am coming down with something and have so far managed to spray snot out of my nose. So please, for your own sake, do not provoked the beast today unless you wish to be covered in green goo!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Eeek! totally stolen from Nickloo

WOULD YOU? copy 'n paste in comments, put an [x] in all that apply. [] hang out with me? [] go see a movie with me? [] make a move on me during that movie? [] hug me? [] hug me a lot? [] kiss me? [] put your hand on my butt? [] let me put my hand on your butt? [] be alone in a room with me? [] go on a date with me? [] get me drunk? [] take me to your place? [] sleep with me? (no sex) [] cuddle with me? [] have sex with me? [] play strip poker with me? [] date me? [] ask me out? [] let me kiss you? [] be my gf/bf? [] be there for me? [] bring me around your friends? [] love me? [] enjoy being with me? [] re-post this for me to answer your questions? [leave a link to your blog]

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ratzinger new Pope!

Lot #4: MAN0004 (Ambrosi)

originally uploaded by Minoa.
Ambrosi lives in Genoa, Italy. He generally spends his days in front of the cafe playing cards, drinking vino or espresso. As you can see from his many scars, he has had his share of fights. At one point, a portion of his wing was chewed off by a grumpy Venetian. Complete with hat, Ambrosi is ready to spend the rest of his immortal life in your care.

Please leave a comment below if you are interested in adopting Ambrosi.

My Manticore is soooo searchable

"Last 10 Search Terms: 19/04/2005 10:21:46 where can I order Xianghua halloween costumes (Google) 18/04/2005 23:27:34 provoked (Google) 17/04/2005 11:15:03 Manticore pictures (Yahoo) 16/04/2005 15:23:04 pictures of greek manticore (Google) 15/04/2005 21:51:33 Manticore Pictures (Google) 15/04/2005 16:10:42 adopt manticore (Google) 15/04/2005 15:43:47 cartoon pictures of people getting dizzy (Yahoo) 14/04/2005 15:00:19 jack skellington sound bites (Google) 14/04/2005 07:25:16 english singer bitten as a child (Google) 11/04/2005 21:15:32 sound bites from hellsing (Google")

Lot #MAN0002 (Marcella)

originally uploaded by Minoa.
Ah, Marcella. She's the French manticore. You might not be able to tell, but her pink toenails and her bow that matches her eyes should let everyone know that she is a lady. She enjoys Moonlit flights by the beach as well as ritual groomings.

Please comment below if you are interested in adopting Marcella.

Monday, April 18, 2005

He Could Be Yours... MAN_0001

First Manticore
First Manticore,
originally uploaded by Minoa.
He is the first! Adopt the very first Manticore, Manny, off of :bites when provoked:!!! He's so little, he hasn't even sprouted his wings yet!

*Please note that each manticore will come with a complete biography and a picture. And quite possibly a certificate of adoption.

I will present each little manticore for the next month. At the end will be the Grand Poo-Bah Adoption Day during which all of the little manticores will be given away to their new owner! Please note your interest for each manticore in the comments section for that manticore.

It’s the Mons darling!

Dizziness has usurped me. Unfortunately I am not a cartoon character. Just a person that wakes up at 5:30 with her husband after she had a dream about the witch Yaga from the book Enchantment coming to eat her with her house on chicken legs but it was snowing out and she tried to put hexes on my car and all of my friends were invisible but as the Kids Next Door we were able to figure out who was whom and I managed to wake up in time to go potty and prepare for this wonderful Monday. In fact, I am wearing heels a la T-Rez.

Adopt a Manticore

Due to branica and it's imformative analysis of Google Searches that have led to my site, I think I might start a drive entitled "Adopt a Manticore." Stay tuned. PS - Agent 99! Internet connection at home is fragile. Send stronger Elmer.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


I hurt my hand this morning and there is already a bruise. But, Strong-Bad e-mail is making me feel better. Rampage!!!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Border Law

Below is a section of the article by JAMES T. MADORE regarding the new border law (that Bush has already signed into law) that he claims he did not know about. If I were a lawmaker, then I would be quite confused at this point. So, we want travel to be safe, but we don't want to disrupt it? You signed this into law, but you weren't aware of what you were signing? WASHINGTON - President George W. Bush said yesterday that he would push for flexibility in the application of a new border-crossing law that requires Americans, by 2008, to present a passport to re-enter the country after being in Canada, Mexico, Panama or the Caribbean. Bush criticized the new rule, adopted by Congress last year to combat terrorism, saying it could "disrupt the honest flow of traffic." He said he had asked Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the Homeland Security Department to examine whether new, quicker identification methods such as electronic fingerprint imaging could substitute for a passport. "I think there's some flexibility in the law," Bush told the American Society of Newspaper Editors, meeting in a hotel near the White House. He also acknowledged being unaware of the specifics of the measure until the recent spate of news reports, although he signed the legislation into law. "When I first read that in a newspaper about the need to have passports - particularly the day crossings that take place, about a million for example in the state of Texas - I said, 'What's going on here?'" he said, responding to a question from the audience of about 450 journalists. - It's a girl: Baby born to whale-dolphin - Apr 15, 2005

Have you hugged your Wholphin today? A wholphin is a mix between a whale and a dolphin. Apparently they do exist in nature and the two species are able to breed successfully b/c they are of the same family. Other wholphin links: Hybrid Animals

Dark Cloud

When I was twelve, my mom and I were in the gift exchange line at K-mart the day after Christmas. Ahead of us were a young couple (maybe in their mid-twenties) and they each had about four bags worth to exchange. All of which were children’s toys. Later on I saw them both browsing in the women’s lingerie section. I thought it was the saddest thing I ever saw in my life.


My hands smell like oranges!

Blogthings - Your Inner European is Italian!

Your Inner European is Italian!
Passionate and colorful. You show the world what culture really is.
I always have pasta and tiramisu on my mind. Funny...when you consider that I'm mostly Irish and German.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tamed Hippo named Jessica

The story of a tame hippo in Africa named Jessica. She is free to swim off and rejoin wild hippos who regularly pay her visits, but she remains faithful to the Jouberts. She sleeps on the couple's verandah on a mattress at night, and wakes up at 6am for her dog biscuits, bowl of wheat bran and coffee.

Blogthings - Your Linguistic Profile

Your Linguistic Profile:

60% General American English
20% Yankee
15% Upper Midwestern
5% Dixie
0% Midwestern

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Yes Maria, You Have Been Added

My blogroll has grown. In fact, I even had one of my first petitions! So everyone, go see Maria travel. Go see Maria travel to London. Go give Maria money so she can travel to London. I would also like to thank the ten readers that have decided to visit my blog! You brought my readership up to 14 yesterday! w00t!

Day of Silence & Day of Truth

Day of Silence and Day of Truth . Both deal with confronting homosexuality in the schools. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Both sides are allowed to express their beliefs on the matter. But, wouldn't it just encourage more separation between the students? I think it's wonderful when teenagers become active in a political nature. And yet, I feel like they are also a target for those that would like to use them. Convert them while they're young without letting them make up their own mind. It's hard keeping politics out of learning, I just hope that any of these kids who participated or who are thrust into the two days of heated political commentary are forever swayed to never look around them. Maybe it's time to have a Day of Trust?

Today's Zen

There are as many ways to live as there are people in the world.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Recent Events

1. Screaming girls outside of the apartment at midnight. Was it the rain or the infestation of Ice Beetles in their apartment? You decide. 2. An admirerer. I shall refer to him as 001101101. He called me over 20 times yesterday. Sadly, I do not speak fax. 3. Currently reading "Reading Lolita in Tehran." 4. Current mood: flattered and in antici- -pation of getting home. 5. Tag-team DDR is fun. As well as drinking as singing karaoke at home with friends.

One Wish? Falcor!

Falcor! While listening to HobbitjediScifiFantasy on Live365, I suddenly felt the warm breeze of Falcor gliding thru the air. Memories of this unforgettable luckdragon came pouring back, nearly bringing a tear to my eye. Oddly enough, the Shoeist, Ms. T, posted recently about being in solitary confinement and wishes. I feel like these two topics are completely significantly linked. Where are my philosophy detectives?

Stereotype Generator

Monday, April 11, 2005

ABC News: Greek Orthodox Church Head Iakovos Dies

STAMFORD, Conn. Apr 11, 2005 — Archbishop Iakovos, who led the Greek Orthodox Church in the Americas for 37 years, reaching out to other religious groups as a champion of ecumenism, has died. He was 93. Iakovos died Sunday at Stamford Hospital from a pulmonary ailment, according to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. The Turkish-born Iakovos headed the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America, with an estimated 2 million followers, from 1959 until 1996. He was apparently forced out over his support for the idea of uniting the various Eastern Orthodox branches in a single American church.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Dorm Story

We duct-taped the shortest guy in our dorm to the wall.

Pumpkin, Evil Cat!

The storm Tuesday night caused plenty of damage as well as encouraged mischief among the felines. My mother's picture window ended up getting broken, so there was glass everywhere. One of her cats, Pumpkin (the young and adventurous -- he has been known to sleep in/on the paper shredder) thought that this would be the best time to cause mischief without getting caught. And he was wrong. With the window broken, there was glass all over the living room. Pumpkin found the glass. Picked pieces up in his little mouth. Carried them. And proceeded to drop them. Into the dog basket. Sadly, no pictures were taken, although I do believe that some of you would find this quite wonderful. Thankfully, no dogs were hurt.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

ABC News: Deliveryman Stuck in Elevator for 3 Days

"I tried to knock (down) the door and kept screaming for help, but no response," Chen said in the television interview. "During the time I was stuck in the elevator, I just kept sleeping because I don't know what else to do." Chen was last seen about 8:30 p.m. Friday after making three deliveries at the same apartment complex in the Bedford Park neighborhood. He later told police through a translator that he had entered an elevator on the 32nd floor of a 38-story building when it plunged down and became stuck between the third and fourth floors. An investigation on Tuesday determined that the security camera and alarm system in the elevator were working. But security officers told police they didn't hear or see Chen until security workers responded to his calls early Tuesday. Chen said his pleas using the intercom were answered, but that the language barrier was too great. Even maintenance workers who were called to check out the disabled elevator on Monday missed Chen, police said. How do you "miss" someone in an elevator?!


The rain has come!!! It thundered and stormed all last night. And this morning's downpour is about to turn the streets into bubbly streams! All thru my lunch break I just sat and watched the rain come down. Yeah, I read some. But I really just wanted to stare. I've been staring blakly at my computer screen. Staring blankly at the tv, when I drive, in the mirror. I don't know where my sight has gone. I better take more pictures.

Colorado Pictures

originally uploaded by Minoa.
I posted a couple of pictures to the photo blog from the Colorado trip. I have some more that have not been developed yet, as well as some black & white that I need to scan in. Enjoy!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Requests to Flash

Since the weather has finally turned for the better and I have discovered a bunch of film, I would like to ask for your requests for pictures. I will then post them on the photo blog. This week and next I hope to post current pictures, as soon as I receive permission from the subjects. I have both black & white and color film. I've discovered a gift (poison?) for portraits. So, please place your requests in the comments or email me.


I don’t want to fear my friend’s judgement, just their ridicule. Everyone has judgements, it’s just the way that they express them. Should I sacrifice my own opinions b/c I’m afraid of how someone I consider a friend would judge me? Would I eventually start shaping myself by their standards instead of my own? We have freedom of speech and thought. It’s time we used it. I'm not afraid anymore! So, everyone can just chut up! ;) May I think before I speak. And speak with an open heart.

Neem Me!

I found out about the Neem Tree from My Karma Just Ran Over Your Dogma. And it is quite literally the tree of life!


Fluffy Bunny Pagan Test

Not only are you not fluffy, but you positively
delight in scaring the fluffies. Now that's not
very nice, is it ;-)

THE Fluffy Bunny Pagan Test!
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Monday, April 04, 2005

El gato De S.

Sinuses are acting up. Apparently they did not get enough sleep either. Can it be that there are only two hours left until I can go home? Yay! I am currently listening to the UNDERWORLD soundtrack…so I think I might be watching the vamp v. werewolf showdown tonight. Okay, last month, it was time travel. This month, it’s werewolves. I just started playing Munchkin again and I got the Werewolf race card. Now, this soundtrack suddenly appeals to me. I think that I will need to start an April 2005 occurrence list in my Blog O' Lists. Click the link over there ( ----> ) if you are intrigued.

Just Kidding!

In other news I also beat Soul Calibur II w/ Chai Xianghua. Why is this so important, because this is the first time that I ever really beat any kind of a game all by my little self. Keep in mind, it was just the little arcade part, but still, I did it! Why do I like to play Xianghua? Because she is hilarious! She's like a little sorority girl and will even throw a temper tantrum, and yes, you do take damage. My next favorite character is Ivy, who is quite the dom. Just watch her special attacks and listen to her. I do think that she and Astaroth have a thing going. Raphael is jealous. And then there is Voldo who is the scariest mother ever! He constantly moonwalks (well) and does these acrobatic, razor-blade attacks that drill your character into the ground, and leaves the player wanting to hide under their woobie. Yes, you will need your woobie.

I Want to Be the Latte!

We had some friends over last night and it was awesome! We played Trivial Pursuit 90’s edition, and the girls kicked @$$!!! Then, we played uber Munchkin (regular, blender, star) and it was great! We almost played to level 20, but by that time it was already past midnight, and with the time change in effect, we stayed up for another hour telling each other stories, and then our guests got kicked out. Eh. I did make lasagna and broccoli raisin salad and it was pretty good. My husband and I also stayed up for about an hour talking. And then there were dreams. It was as though the night continued. I wonder if my friends dreamt about it too. Now it is morning. Why can't it be five o'clock, the time when G and I made a pact to go back to sleep? Happy Daylight Savings Time you bastards.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

MSNBC - Pope John Paul II, 1920-2005

By Stephen Weeke VATICAN CITY - Those born in the last quarter of the 20th century might be forgiven for thinking that the papacy and Poland go hand in hand or that the pope has always been a man at home among common people and intent on spreading the Catholic word around the globe in person. Older people, however, know John Paul II was anything but typical. Even in his last years — shaking from Parkinson's disease and moving slowly through a millennial pilgrimage to the Holy Land — it was clear he was a pope like no other. John Paul II lectured dictators and democrats with equal vigor, inspired millions to uphold human dignity and, in the eyes of many historians, helped bring about the collapse of communist rule in Europe. His unique physical presence and charm were striking in his early days as pope. Gifted with a tremendous affinity for language and an engaging manner, this pope forever changed the image of what a pontiff should be and what the leader of the "Mother church" can accomplish, both spiritually and politically. To his last days, John Paul strove to reconcile the church with other faiths and to heal the centuries-old schism within Christianity itself by encouraging a strong ecumenical movement around the globe. For more than two decades beginning in 1978, he reigned as the supreme leader of the Roman Catholic Church, as its "pontiff," from the Latin word "pontifex" — "keeper of the bridge." Indeed, his papacy bridged a span of history that ran from the dark days of the Cold War to the collapse of Soviet-backed communism in 1989 and into the new "globalism" of the 21st century. Typically, John Paul II refused to be satisfied with his contribution to communism's demise. He turned his attention to a new challenge: the ever-widening gap between the developed and the underdeveloped worlds. A Polish pontiff Coming after 450 years of Italian popes, the election of Cardinal Karol Wojtyla of Krakow on the evening of Oct. 16, 1978, broke tradition and stunned those who considered themselves experts on the Vatican. The public in St. Peter's Square that evening was so stunned by the announcement of this foreign name that it fell silent. Still, when Karol Wojtyla stepped out onto the balcony in St. Peter's, his smile and the joy in his voice charmed both the Roman and the global television audiences. He made a joke about his accented Italian, and the world embraced him in an instant. He brought with him the excitement of an evolutionary change, and soon his Slavic features and his dramatic flair for the public stage seemed as papal as his vestments.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Where is Donnie Darko?

You truly love donnie darko! you've probably
watched the special fetures on the DVD 11
million times... hooray for you, you're just as
fanatical as me!

Are you a REAL Donnie Darko fan?
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Pope John Paul II Dead

Pope John Paul II is apparently dead. Major news papers not covering story as of yet. It would be sad if someone was just trying to spread it as an April Fools joke. He was pope all of my life.


My boyfriend (now husband), his best friend and I were walking thru the mall, which was getting crowded. The guys both had on their trench coats, and our friend was also bald. At the time. Anyway, while walking, some yuppy/frat brats were about to walk into us (b/c they weren't looking). When finally, the one guy turned, saw our friend and stopped in his tracks inches from bumping into him. His face was horror struck. Hehehehe...i think that made my week. Btw, they have been able to clear a path in stores before, during Christmas time. What can I say, it just takes a trench....

Thumb of Doom!

Well, I ended up going from from work yesterday before I collapsed on the floor. I was sitting at my desk, having just finished up my work, when suddenly it felt like a Big Thumb of Doom started to push me down until I felt so dizzy and numb that I was literally afraid of falling out of my chair. I almost called my husband to come and collect his poor little wife. Yeah, now I know what a shot of novocaine to the temple feels like. So, to bed! To bed, I said! And that was pretty much where I stayed all night. In and out of sleep. Until, suddenly, we were both wide awake at 1am. Then, back to sleep. This craziness has got to stop. Maybe this is what it means when Mercury is in retrograde, no one gets any sleep!