Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion.

Lately I’ve been trying to remember the things that I was taught when I was a young girl. But mostly I just remember the funny stories. I think I’ll post some of those in a little bit. Heheheh…I hope that you have a strong stomach. Remember "Lard Ass?" Yeah, I did something like that. I realize that I had a liberal-Catholic education. For example, I was one of the first altar girls – even though us females were still not allowed to touch the sacraments. Oh heaven forbid! But, I cannot remember anything that we were taught that would go against any of the dogma. Evolution? Does that count? It got really weird in high school though. I went to a private girls school where they still had nuns. But they mostly taught the religion classes. I’ll never forget how my friends told me that in their class, the nun told them that they should know what they "like" and that masturbation was good. I think my face stayed red for an entire hour. I also remember watching a couple of Candice Cameron movies about rape in school. They would show them on tv ("She Cried No" and "No One Would Tell") the night before, and you just knew that the next two religion classes would be filled with cliché scripts and bad acting. (There was another one with Tiffany Amber Theissen "She Fought Alone.") It was kind of disturbing though that the only way these teachers felt that they could talk with us about these things was by showing us a movie. In grade school they at least made an attempt. The boys and girls would split up in 5th grade for sex ed. We’d be taught about what was going on with our bodies, and actually not be afraid to ask questions. I think that they still showed a stupid movie though. But, I definitely started out as one of those shy Catholic girls, and I didn’t really have a normal relationship with a guy until I went to college. For example, whenever a guy sat down next to me, my immediate thoughts were "What does he want from me? Is he trying to flirt with me? What should I do?" I would sit there in a state of shock, within a minute the guy would leave or class would begin. After about a semester I think I loosened up enough so that I could at least hold a conversation with a guy and not "think anything of it."


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