Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My Style!

A style meme according to Col:
  1. Everyday I dress so I look great in a black and white movie or picture!
  2. My hair has mood swings of it's own.
  3. I prefer my shoes to be comfortable rather than ohwatchhertrip!
  4. Mixing jewelry is not an art form so much as just enjoying what you have.
  5. If you wear black and white together then there has to be more than the other. Equilibrium does not exist when wearing these two colors together.
  6. The fashion that I craved when I was younger is just now coming into style.
  7. More little flowers should be grown for the sole purpose of being plucked and put into your hair.
  8. Bells! Bells! Bells!
  9. No style is out of date as long as you enjoy wearing it.
  10. There is no retro, there is only Buffy.

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