Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Troll Garden

Once upon a time...well, more like a few months ago, okay maybe three seasons ago. Yes yes three seasons because I am counting today as the first day of spring. Blossoms = Spring. So there! Once upon a time three seasons ago my friend Joy and I went to the Troll Garden. There we frolicked amidst the fountains and bluebirds and waterfalls and gnome houses. We didn't go into the labyrinth though. There was a very pretty restaurant, however they no longer served food. So I guess one could not call it a restaurant, but rather a place that looked pretty. The Inside Troll Garden! Yes, yes! At one point they even sold picnic baskets. I don't know why they closed down, perhaps they weren't getting enough business. In the Troll Garden there were a bunch of murals, most of which were quite colorful. Some made of wood. Since a certain troll by the name of Horace cursed my roll of color film, those pictures will not be shown. Yes Joy, this means that we have no choice but to go back and confront Horace. Image hosting by Photobucket Don't forget to bring your crackers. Horace likes crackers. You will never get him to admit it but he does. Image hosting by Photobucket Wouldn't this have looked prettier if it was in color? Yes, it would. We only have Horace to blame. Image hosting by Photobucket This is the mural of the Cookie Song. Or Cookie Poem. Anyway, it's about cookies and we enjoyed it thoroughly. We hoped that there would be a cookie tree of some kind nearby, but there was not. Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Apparently they like to walk their bears through the troll garden. Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket This is Horace. He is guarding his horde of crackers. Image hosting by Photobucket I have a few more pictures. Well, maybe two. Okay, actually one. Yes, just one more picture that I am willing to post. And it's of Joy. Heheheheheheh.... Yeah.

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