Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Things Normal People Just Don't Fantasize About:

I wanted to start a meme and this is it. Look for your name at the bottom. Below is the list of things that I fantasize about. Completely out of the ordinary.
  1. Running a marathon
  2. Taking black and white portraits of people I know
  3. Painting murals in my new house
  4. How best to arrange stuff so that it will fit better and easier to use
  5. That people would be happier if they spontaneously burst into song and coreographed dance moves.
  6. Demons do exist, and that isn't what you think it is.
  7. If I were President, then I would encourage people to dress in drag on Wednesdays.
  8. Cars painted in non-traditional colors and/or murals rock.
  9. Everyone should work part-time and make the same amount of money that they make in their full time jobs. That way there would be time for siestas, time for learning, and time to spend with one another.
  10. If you wait long enough, the world will eventually turn to your way of thinking.

I tag thee: Jen (who is a girl), VJ (namer of things loved), Therese (not a lush), Jonny (he grrrrrs like a tiger), Sven (web design savvy), Nikloo (who has friends), Aspats (she's like woah), DarthEmerald (she kicks Imperial butt), Krystle (in her pink boots), and you know who ;)

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