Friday, March 10, 2006

Am I In Heaven?

We are moving soon, and with moving comes the inevitable packing. The first thing that I chose to pack are my books. Well...not books so much as slim pickings from the amount of books that I used to have. I used to have a ton of books before we moved to Arkansas, and then our moving van caught on fire. Since then, I haven't really felt like owning too many books. I felt like I had lost all of my children, and now I only buy thosse books that I know I will read again or would want others to read. As you can imagine I've been exchanging books with friends and browsing the local library shelves. And we all know the main problem with the library, right? You gotta call dibs on any new books that come in. You also run the risk of books never returning from their owners or when you finally get a book, discover that it is falling apart in your hands. Let's not even get into late fees. As I was browsing I happened to look over at one of her adds. It was an add for FREE USED BOOKS. So, I clicked it. And you will too. Why? Here's their pitch:
Free membership, unlimited trades Select 3 free books today to get started You own the books you get, keep them or exchange them when you are done. Convenient shipping. Print shipping labels with free prepaid U.S. postage from our website. Use regular paper. No need to go to the post office. No need to use your own stamps. It's Easy! Bookins arranges for you to get the books you select. No need to contact other members. No bidding, or negotiating! Our Quality Guarantee—100% satisfaction with every book every time, or your next shipment is on us.
You're itching for it now, aren't you? The link? Mr. Linky? Do you want him? Need him? Thinking about all of those old books htat you *almost* gave away, aren't you? You love me. Bookins.

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