Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This Year's Girl

This all happened a year ago on Christmas Eve Eve. Original in black, my comments in blue. My Predictions for 2005 Lame Title. I will get trade in my beloved van for a Jetta. Didn't happen. Instead Glenn's car committed hare care. G & I will scope out places to live. Kinda been happening. We will have a blast on our birthdays. Glenn had shingles and I ruined my surprise. Spring break will be fun!!! Skiing was surprisingly fun. G will finish his armor and it will look really cool. He just about had it finished when his character permed. People will want to feed me tiramisu. Joy did feed me pleasurable desserts. My Revolutions for 2005 Again, lame. To call resolutions revolutions. Cut my hair. Short! Now I'm trying to grow it out. I will see the ocean. Yes, and it was wonderful. Our 1 year wedding anniversary will be sweet. It was beautiful. Mostly because we left our cell phones at home. I will enjoy playing Anarchy more. ... I will have 2000+ hits on my blog...from other people! Er...yeah? My blog will look more apealing. Even if I have to put bananas on it! Yes, bananas not included. I will start making Christmas gifts during the summer. Attempted, didn't work out. I will sell something on ebay. Didn't happen. Be more generous with my time towards others, and know that it is still okay to have private time. *cringes when I think about September*

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