Friday, December 09, 2005

Yet Another Dream

Last night I dreamed that Gilly and I and Ikey and Donna went driving and were going to go hiking. Ikey and Donna took off for the restrooms when we got there. Gilly had the idea to put all of their stuff back in the car and drive off. Really we were just going to go get my car. But they came back and chased after us. When we got to the place where I had parked my car ( a huge river, like an Alaskan river w/ stones alone the bank, drearie sky), we saw something on the beach. It was two dead golden retrievers. Something had killed them. I think it was Ikey that noticed something else next to them under a tarp. It was a little girl, but she was just barely alive. She looked at the dogs and said that they had lost their souls. Then, I saw her soul start to slip away, I pushed it back into her and she tried to warn me not to. As soon as I forced her soul back into her body HE took over. Some kind of a creature/monster/evil thing. And his two servants transformed the dogs' bodies into these hideous grey, fish with huge teeth, that walked on two legs, and they had these horrible large open-mouths. It looked like my head could go straight into it. The three of them started to pursue us, but we got away in the car. That was when we got to this entrance to the mountain. It used to be a ride, but we knew that once you went inside that you were really headed for the gullet. I couldn't find Glenn at first; we had gotten separated. I almost got on the ride w/out him, but then I found him. He didn't understand why we had to sit together at first b/c it was just a ride. Then, it started to turn into a Neo/Trinity thing where he and I were walking through the ride and killing all of the evil creatures that were in it. It was weird b/c I was able to have some control in my dream. Typically I would just go into the fetal position and let the creatures eat me. But this time I just put my hand straight out, waved it around a little, and killed them. It was wonderful, yet silly. The dreamed continued a little bit after that, but nothing that I really remember.

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