Friday, December 09, 2005

Not Very Voluptury

Two gals walking this morning: G1: Sorry you have to wait for me while I got dressed. G2: No problem. G1: God it’s cold. G2: Aouaouwoauow G1: Brrrrr G2: Ohmygod G1: You need a scarf for your face. G2: I have one but it’s around my neck. G2: I can’t feel my knees! G1: My purse won’t stay on my shoulder! G2: Maybe we can arrange for someone to drive us. G1: Yeah! G2: Ohmygods, now the tingling has begun! G1: From here to here? Me too! G2: Yeah! Oh no…it’s going up! WALK FASTER! G1: Hey, I think we’re going to make it. We won’t have to eat each other. As a side note: It has been over half an hour since this conversation and I am *just* on the verge of getting all of the feeling back in my 'from here to here' zone.