Friday, October 20, 2006

Halloween Movie Pick #12

Because they are good enough dammit!

They're just a bunch of rejects.

But they have fun.
Who here hasn't belted out a line or two from this movie? My personal favorite has always been the Truffle Shuffle.

My favorite Goonie was always Lawrence 'Chunk'. I mean, he got distracted during a highly intense scene because he smelled ice cream. He always listened to his stomach, whether it was for food, fear or anger.

Mouth was funny instructing Rosalita on how to separate all of the drugs in the Walsh's house. Sadly I could not find a video for this.
Data, his father's greatest invention.

Seeing Martha Plimpton always made me wish that River was there. And I always swore that I remembered there being an octopus in the movie. Turns out I was right.

The Fatteli's were cool too.

This movie is just a classic. Shame on you if it's not in your dvd collection....

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