Thursday, October 19, 2006

Boil and Trouble

What should I be for Halloween?

A. Dr Frank-n-Furter (music from the RHPS soundtrack will be blasted out of the windows). I figured I would dress up in the gown, with gloves and pearls. Especially since I can't really walk in the heels. It would be a good costume for passing out candy that night. You know, something to lounge about the house in.
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B. A short, fat old lady (comes with rolling pin and flour in my hair, an apron). Glenn *might* dress up with me on this. He said something about platform boots so that his head extends beyond the doorframe. This will also give me lots of excuse to bake as well as dress Sophie up. Muahahahaahah. A la Mother Mae-Eye from Teen Titans.
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C. Role-play character (my pictures of the Rakasha did not turn out well...maybe I can turn my Heart member undead...). Er...just imagine a zombie/undead nun., what would the Pure do?
D. Undead Bride. What can I say? I got Tim Burton's disease, and it will give me a reason to dress up. I just don't think I could stand to dye my wedding dress red.
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E. Suggest a costume. Your choice, picture preferred.



Blogger Sarah Smile said...

I vote for undead bride. SCARY.

10/20/2006 09:48:00 AM  

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