Thursday, October 19, 2006

Halloween Movie Pick #9


This movie rather terrified me as a kid. I think it was the whole ambiance of the apartment building. And...looking at the list of characters on IMDB...I'm surprised to discover that the name of the little boy was...are you ready? Harry Potter. Uh huh.

What also terrified me was how human like this troll was. And sticky. I remember him being quite sticky. And I imagined his breath smelling awful. He was no crazy-haired, fun loving troll that would just hang out on something if you clapped his hands to it. Nope. He was an ugly, stinky, sticky, hairy little troll man. The perfect size to sneak in under your parents nose and fit into your closet to get you while you were sleeping.

I wish there were more movies about trolls. Maybe in Norway.

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