Thursday, June 01, 2006

Annual Talentless Show

Since I need to lighten up today's mood, I thought about stealing this meme. I am very talented. Among my many talents are the following, in no particular order. Oh, and I mean it sincerely, too. I'm really really good at this stuff. (Immitation is the highest form of praise besides walking in her shoes.)
  1. I will listen to you. At one point I was going to be a psychologist.
  2. I'm not afraid to get up on stage and dance and sing and make a fool of myself.
  3. Snoring. It's an artform.
  4. If there is a dog or cat or some other animal in the room, understand that I must say hello to them first. As well as have a full conversation with them. Sometimes while I talk to you.
  5. Can spend hours in a book store without buying anything. Took me forever to accomplish that one
  6. I sing in the car when I'm alone and I am fabulous!
  7. I was an audience member in the Bozo Show.
  8. Sticking my tongue up my nose is not just a stupid human trick, but it's also a good way to deflect an attack from the Nice One.
  9. If I take a picture of you, then you will look fabulous.
  10. I follow through on my addictions. I can't help it. I'm a Pisces.
  11. I am the only person I know who can smash her arm into the doorknob of an open door and receive physical therapy for a month because of it.
  12. Massage anyone?
  13. Yes, I am that innocent.

Today's Title by Buffy.

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