Thursday, June 01, 2006

Frosty nectar. Now please.

Tonight I am considering an attempt at drunken laundry. If the need arises, possibly drunken packet making. Last night I saw X-men 3: The Last Stand. No, I did not stay until the end to watch the preview for the next movie. I didn't have popcorn either. But, there was sushi. My gods was there sushi! And fried squid. I kinda learned how to use my chopsticks too without having a rubberband. I'd also like to introduce a new member of the Manticore Family. Pictures will be updated to the site as soon as I figure out how to do that. Also, for anyone that has before, please don't text message me. If you do, then include $0.10 each time. K? Thanx. And now for last night's dream: I graduated from law school. Now that I held four degrees, I still didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. It turns out that I owned a little apartment/shop. But Glenn and I decided to move to a cool place. It was called something like "Clayman's Field" and it was in Georgia by Florida. And there was a highway that ran next to the ocean, which was a chrystal blue color. (Told ya it was a dream.) Then we ended up visiting relatives (no idea how we were related, let's just say all were aunt's and uncles or some variety) and I ended w/ a younger cousin at an uncle's house. We were by the woods. I asked him if he had seen big foot. He told me he did, and that he was on an endless search for him. Just then, who do you think walked by the window? My cousin was scared so I held him. We were afraid that big foot would come in there. I told my cousin that if he did to start running towards our aunts and hide. That's when I got a dog. I went to a shelter that this lady I knew ran. She showed me this one dog. She was pretty. Brown and white. And small. But very happy and nice. THE! PERFECT! DOG! No other way to describe her. I wasn't really looking for a dog, but I took her home. She was very happy. I had her out in the yard on a leash. She checked everything out. Then promptly turned into a very pretty white and brown cat. I keep thinking about this part of the dream and get very happy. Perfect timing to uplift my mood too. Today's Buffy quote said by Buffy in Dead Things.

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