Monday, February 27, 2006

The One Where She Opens Her Trap

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From Daily Om:

As your birthday is fast approaching, today may be the day you begin to ponder how you want to shape your future. You may feel excited about your plans and dreams or excited about the chance to start anew. You can make the most of your attitude by visualizing what you want out of life. Consider where you are now versus where you’d like to be, and ask yourself how you can make that happen. Imagining the vivid details of your dream life can make you feel optimistic and happy. As you think about the future, let your musings solidify into the beginning of a plan. The fantasies you have today could contribute in a very real way to the success you achieve in the coming year.

Because all success begins in the mind, visualization can be a potent way to call your dreams into being. When you look ahead with an optimistic eye, you create a mind-set that your goals are attainable. Because you are undaunted by fears of failure, you are more likely to put yourself into situations where opportunities will come your way. You also emanate a magnetism that draws blessings into your life. You can create what you want by picturing both the grand and minor details involved in the creation of your dream life. Your brain will accept your mental musings as truth. Visualize the life of your dreams in detail today, and prepare yourself for a wonderful year.

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I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and one of the questions that keeps coming up is: "But will it make me a happier person? Will it be just a temporary happiness?" I've been trying to have a positive attitude about trying new things, and it has helped me relax most of the time. I've also had more enthusiasm about getting littleerrandss done; now I need to do the same for the bigerrandss. I've been waiting to turn this age all of my life and it's a little intimidating because this is the year that I wanted to see a lot of my goals come together. Oddly enough, I think most of them are. The last seven years alone have been truly amazing. Becoming an adult, learning to liveindependentlyy, getting married, succeeding in life, but still finding that something is missing. Most people feel this way, and I think some of them get along just by doing what they need to. But I don't want to live in a routine. I want to learn and explore more. I'm an ace when it comes to holding myself back and drowning myself with fear. It's time for a change and not a temporary one. One that will take work. One that will be hard and will take lots of discipline, but a change that I will look forward to everyday. I've heard people say that they don't want to live the same day twice. Why would anyone? When I'm sitting in my wheelchair at a mediocre retirement home, I want to be able to have some glint at a past that would be fun to retell my nurse or passing strangers. Of course, by that time I might be in such a state that I remember my life as a trapieze artist better than my current one. But I digress. Every day should be a memorable one, not just okay.
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