Monday, February 27, 2006

Feel Bad!!!

This weekend was a lovely carnival of erands and doodads. Like what? Like, me going to wal-mart on Saturday night! Oh the debauchery! I did see some peopel there wearing mardi gras beads though. I did get some new pictures developed, and as I consider how much film I so easily go through...I'm thinking a good digital camera and photo paper migh be the way to go. My regular film camera will be used for things like portraits and black and white film. That stuff is addictive like cadberry bunny eggs. Yesterday was fun, and I mean that in the fly-to-South-Am-and-trek-through-the-jungle-for-two-days-to-find-farmers-and-one-ex-vet-with-cyber-legs-and-a-katana-and-flub-on-throwing-your-gredade-after-him-after-you-hit-your-leader-in-the-head-with-your-katana-after-making-an-unbelievable-roll-thus-proving-that-you-are-one-in-a-thousand kind of way. Now, I shall leave you with a picture that I took while in the troll garden. And it is nothing like the movie Troll that scared the crap out of me when I was little. So there.
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My tummy hurts. :(

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