Friday, September 09, 2005

Storm Aftermath

Storm Aftermath is a blog about Katrina and the aftermath.

Storm Aftermath:
"We have become a nation of yellow ribbon patriots whose support of anything never goes beyond buying a cheap ass bumper sticker, and we place the interests of money, politics and religion above the value of human life. It sickens me and it saddens me. I've heard some fanatics say that this hurricane and flood was God's way of washing the sin city clean. I beg to differ. If God wants to clean up the American part of the human race he would flood the whole damn country and put all gas guzzling Hummers and SUVs with yellow ribbon patriots in them eight feet under water."

I'm starting to hear a lot of scary things, thanks to NPR. This morning I heard how supplies had not been sent to the areas that did not need it the most. People are being told to leave their pets behind while they are being rescued. Yet there are adoption networks open for the animals that have been found.

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