Friday, September 02, 2005

What Do You Wish?

Think you are reliving your past? I tend to see mine every day on tv. 'Oh how I wish I were...' how many of you just finished that line? How many of you just sang it outloud? Typically whenever I see an Oscar Meyer Weiner commercial, I tend to get the song stuck in my head for at least one hour. And yet, when I sing that song, I am not thinking of hot dogs, rather that magical meat: Bologna.

I got curious though, what is so great about bologna? And why is it that when I think of afternoons on a sunny day, all I can imagine as the perfect lunch is bologna on white bread and miracle whip, with a nice cup of juice? Gods...I feel like putting my hair into little pigtails.

So, I went to the site, and guess what they have? Recipes! Not just any recipes either! Hawaiian Pizza recipes! I have no idea why that excites me, or why I am actually posting about Oscar.

If only I had gone to this site earlier, then I could have won this. I am quite jealous.

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