Wednesday, February 09, 2005

You Have the Key

I wanted to thank everyone again for all of the support that they showed last week! I wanted to give you an update about my friend. For reference sake, we'll call her Jenny. Another friend of hers wrote her an AMAZING e-mail, he is allowing it to be posted below. Please do not steal it, although I do hope that you tell your friends who are needing help to get out of the cage that they find themselves in: "Here I go again because I want you to understandsomething. This is your life. You are in a cage. You havebeen looking for a way out of the cage your whole lifeand have never been able to find it. You have foundthat door to get out but it's locked. One day you meetsomeone on the other side of that door and you want himto unlock the cage and let you out. You try and try toget him to let you out, but he does not. He talks toyou, is nice to you and wants nothing from you. He keepstelling you there is nothing more he can do for you,but be that voice on the other side of the door, youget mad at him because he won't let you out and he getsmad at you for being in the cage. So you go back deepinto the cage and ask the people who put you in thecage for help, because you have never been free andthey are all you know, but you know in your heart thatthey really don't care and all you get is lies and theytell you that you don't want to leave the cage becauseyou would not fit in even if you could get out and youshould be happy where you are and you think to yourself "yay they are right I really like the cage andthere are a bunch of us in here and If I get out I willbe all alone and anyway the guy at the door will notlet me out". So you go back to the door and sayto the guy on the other side of the door that he usedyou and betrayed you because he would not let you out,so you will just go back to what you know. He tells youagain that he can't let you out, why? because the dooris locked from the inside and he does not have the keyand has never had a key. He tells you to look in yourpocket. You sit there stunned for a second and put youhand into your pocket and behold the key. Jen you arethe only one who can unlock the door, the only thingholding you back is you believe that you need someoneto let you out. I can not let you out. You are putting your faith in peopleand "I am one of them" people will always let you down.They might not even mean to do it, but they do."


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