Friday, February 04, 2005


Take the quiz: "What'>">"What candy are you?"

Kit Kat
Kit Kat is a total rip off. Why not 6 or 8 bars??? Not enough for your money.
All of the possible quiz results for this quiz: Whatchamacallit (You scored 0) Caramellow (You scored 0) Jawbreaker (You scored 0) Kit Kat (You scored 1) Bitter Sweet Chocolate (You scored 0) Snickers (You scored 1) Sour Patch Kids (You scored 1) Gummi Bears (You scored 1) Take the quiz: "What'>">"What animal were you in a past life?"

Silver Fox
Smart, sly, a trickster, u know. You may often feel that you are smarter than your friends and you may often be right. heh. you may do RPGs (Role Play Games) as a vampire, goth, or just some person with cat/dog ears. You probably RP (Role Play) as an evil character. You might like the evil characters in anime better than the...non-evil ones. who knows. you may think that being this smart will only cause the world pain, and you might commit suicide because of these results. i don't really care. it's not like i
know you. All of the possible quiz results for this quiz: Silver Fox (You scored 4) Artic Wolf (You scored 2) Panther (You scored 3) Howling Monky (You scored 4) Hippo (You scored 0) Take the quiz: "Do'>">"Do you have A.D.D.?"

kinda...not too sure
well, you are at least fun. I cant say you have add too bad, but its a possibility.
Just try to stay on task sometimes, at least when its important. All of the possible quiz results for this quiz: yes, you have.....where did that damn pen go? (You scored 2) kinda...not too sure (You scored 4) nope. deffinately do NOT (You scored 0)


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