Monday, July 16, 2007

Heavy Head and Shoulders

  • I have become involved with the horrible habit of thinking.
  • Making a house a home.
  • Hoping it truly was an imaginary bug my cat was chasing in the litter box last night.
  • Shortened dark wool pants and flaming white socks over black buckle shoes just don't cut it.
  • Thinking about writing.
  • Unless it is a favorite, is it really necessary to keep a book once read?
  • Matching, dust, organization, neatness, usefullness, and unfinished projects: my continuous obsessions.
  • Finding the right costume that suits me.
  • Advancement and becoming more.
  • Making the most of time and finding the energy to do so.
  • To cap it all off I'm deliberating giving up sugar.
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Anonymous Shehulas said...

That is correct, we got married at the lovely Senor Taco's Fiesta Barn.

As per your costume...I think it should definitely involve tights and some sort of winged mask.

7/16/2007 10:03:00 AM  

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