Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Video Day

We borrowed Katamari Damacy from a friend and had to get a copy for ourselves. This is a video of Colleen on Katamari Damacy.

An actual video clip from the game.

Kitten toygers playing. Watching this video makes me remember Howl and Sophie playing last night. Howl was in a pouncing mood. At one point, Sophie new that he was behind her down the hall way, when she felt him make his leap at her, she crunched down and Howl leap frogged right over her.

"It's a Sin" by the Pet Shop Boys with video clips from the series Neon Genesis Evangelion. I listened to this song repeatedly about seven years ago.

When sperm whales attack.

Llama song.

Imagine if you left your home. Would you go to Burma? Would you sit among the natives as they gathered for a sing along? What song do you imagine them singing?

"Speak Slow" music video by Tegan and Sara.

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