Tuesday, March 13, 2007


  • I'm making an egg waterfall and need to find about two dozen emu eggs.
  • I saw "Because I Said So" this weekend. Cute movie but Diane Keaton's style of acting was really driving me crazy. I don't mean the character but specifically her style of acting. Have you ever noticed that a lot of actors can only cry or act upset one way? Or maybe they are only ever allowed to act emotions a certain way because that is what is expected of them as an older actor. It's what their fans expect. Because fame says so?
  • Missing your regular fast food person.
  • Learning how to roll my ball around in Katamari Damacy.
  • I ran around doing a lot of errands this weekend. Before leaving for one such errand, I told Glenn to take a nap because he was so tired. He did. He also yelled at Howl for meowing at the kitchen window above our sink. See, Howl's been a sneaky kitty what with climbing on the new kitchen counter so...clearly Glenn thought that Howl was just lamenting about how he was not allowed to climb up on the counter anymore. We had also been discussing last names for the cats. Clearly it would be "Sophie Good Girl" and "Howl the @$$". Because they are.... About half an hour later I come home. Howl greets me at the door, but not Sophie. I start to call her. Walk around the house looking for her. Glenn hasn't seen her. I go outside and start calling her. Nothing. I turn around to go back inside. Then I see Sophie sitting in the pile of old cabinets that we have been removing from the kitchen. I approach slowly and put on my calming "Here, Kitty kitty" voice. Sophie meows at me and walks towards the back yard. I follow slowly and nicely. She keeps giving me a 'get away' look and keeps making her way thru the haphazardly thrown pieces of cabinetry into the backyard. Finally, I nab her and put her inside. This is when I notice my flower pot knocked into the sink and the broken screen above the window. Yuppers. She jumped out of the window. And tried to about four times that weekend. Or at least I think she did since I kept finding the flower pot in the sink. We couldn't bring ourselves to yell at Sophie though. We decided to blame the whole ordeal on Howl since it was probably his idea anyway.
  • Ordering a 9 foot long bag. It's not for what you think. Two words: CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS.
  • Wishing all four way stop signs were replaced with stop lights.
  • A regular neighborhood dog made his way over to our house Sunday around 5pm. He was cute and springy. Looked like a long haired doberman pincher. Didn't get picked up until 9pm. I was actually making plans to drop him off at the animal shelter the next day.
  • Took one too many DanActive's on Sunday and ended up puking my guts out around 11pm Sunday night. Let me tell you, it was not all glitter and rainbows like you think it would be.
  • Migraine. ALL. WEEK. LONG. And not the kind with a 'real' headache. The annoying sore/tingly neck kind that works on your nerves.
  • I had no idea our library has so many Bollywood films.
  • Emergency! I had to scrounge up a cat costume and make-up ASAP! I also managed time enough to create a face and make-up design with instructions. The best part was that it was known that I would have this stuff.
  • Of all the places in the U.S.A., Arkansas is the last place that I would think it HARD, nay IMPOSSIBLE, to find Nascar memorabilia.
  • Washed the drapes.
  • Breathing.
*edited once.

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