Friday, March 09, 2007


  • I can't stop saying it. Oygle.
  • Just woke up this morning all giddy. I think the universe knows why, but I sure as heck don't. Oygle.
  • I've been having an intercontinental laugh the past couple of days. Oygle.
  • Expecting a ginormous rain today. Oygle.
  • Hope the squirrel and birds eat all of the bread I put out this morning so Sophie has something fun to look at. Oygle.
  • Why does my cat Howl wish to drink out of the toilet bowl? Oygle.
  • Just found out where to score some mini Care Bears tins. Oygle.
  • Anyone wanna waste some B & W film with me? Oygle.
  • KXUA is playing some great music this morning. Oygle.
  • Started reading the selected letters of Margaret Mead this morning before finishing the current Wheel of Time book that I'm on. Oygle.
  • Glenn has been tearing thru the Hitchhiker's Guide of the Universe books. I've never seen him do this before. Rather kick-ass. Oygle.
  • My friend scared the crap out of me last night. But I've forgiven her. Just wait until she sees the pictures I take this weekend....

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