Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Life on the Beach

Inspired by this.
My conversation with VJ about it:
Colleen says: I want to open up a bookstore called Books On the Beach. And that's where it will be.
Sarah says: Ooooooooooooooooooo.
Colleen says: All paperbacks. Under $5
Sarah says: All the books will be justtheweeniestbit warped and have a few grains of sand in them, for character?
Colleen says: Of course,
Sarah says: *nods*
Colleen says: but that will happen naturally.
Sarah says: I love it already.
Colleen says: And, we buy the books back.
Sarah says: Oooooooo, good idea.
Colleen says: Return the book, get $3 back.
Sarah says: NICE.
Sarah says: I will shop there A LOT.
Colleen says: A "Sandals Optional" sign will hang out front
Sarah says: I love it.
Colleen says: The books that are so badly beaten will sit in a moveable cart that will be rolled outside every morning and back in at night.
Sarah says: Perfect.
Colleen says: If they are so bad, then they get burned in the yearly bonfire.
Sarah says: What a glorious end for an old worn out book.

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