Thursday, March 22, 2007

End of World Dream

I usually have an armageddon dream at least once a month. This is what I dreamed this morning between 4am and 6am.

Fayetteville was a small city, like a hotel, with no streets. In fact, there was a hotel. Everyone was in town because we were excited about a football game or New Years. I was there with Jenny and a little boy. Some people show up and claim that they are orchestrating everything and that the end of the world will happen in a few years time. I think that they are full of crap. Even if they have that information, you cannot run someone's life. And they tell us what is going to happen to us on the last day of the world. Jenny is supposed to go straight to this hotel room where she will open the door and the sun will be there to enlighten her. I was going to meet someone in a sweater vest and I would not be able to help what I would do or say next and then eventually I would go to this other room and that's when armageddon would happen. I still think that they are full of crap, but try to remember the hotel room they told Jenny so that I could prevent it. Then they kidnap us and the boy and say that we were to start our eternal life with them. We were supposed to have eternal youth, but all they did was kidnap us. The little boy was freaking out. It was at this point in the dream when I started to hit our kidnappers and the other brainwashed victims at the compound. We run into a guy that is like Sloth from the Goonies, except his head is okay, it's just his teeth that are crooked and tiny. He bites me as I slap him; he is also in a straightjacket. We realize he has the gift of prophecy. They boy is freaking out and starts to ask questions, I then ask 'How will the boy die." Sloth relates some horrible tragic death, and the boy starts to freak out. I try to explain to the boy that because he will die a tragic death, then he does not have eteranl youth, therefore our kidnappers are full of crap. It's about five years later and I have a little girl. She calls some of the blue-face painted brainwashed ladies that they are ugly. We are trucked into town, they think that we are brainwashed enough that we won't run away. I try to escape immediately thru the bathroom window. They let me, and then everything starts to happen like they say. I run into the person in the sweatervest. I try to find Jenny but can't. I go thru the door with the little girl, she turns into my cat Sophie. I see some family members and hug them. That's when the angels start to descend. The sun gets so bright, and the angels have wings, but are kind of robotic. Almost like the angels from Neon Genensis Evangelion. Everyone watches and are lifted off of the ground about a foot. I try to jump to join them, but I don't float. I pick up Sophie, she and I watch the angels land while sitting on top of a pick up truck. Some people's faces change. Some grow wings. When they land everything goes back to normal, but some people are changed. No one really talks about what happened. I hug Sophie.

When I wake up Sophie is laying on my stomach.

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Anonymous Jenny said...

2012 or bust!


it's always great being in your apocalypse dreams.


3/22/2007 10:39:00 AM  

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