Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Note From the Universe

Seeing this helped me forget about my end of the world dream last night. I tried to stop it from happening but Sophie and I ended up sitting on top of a pick up truck watching it happen anyway. Sorry guys.
Do you have any idea, Colleen, of how many fans you have here in the unseen?
Students from far and wide. Admirers from near and far. Friends from other lands and other times. And do you know what they talk about the most when your name comes up?
Besides your French Toast?
Besides your saunter?
Besides your home here with the holiday lights you leave up year-round, the roaming wildebeests in the backyard, and the answering machine that says,"Off having the time of my life in the jungles of time and space..."
Your belief in the goodness of others.
10,000 Kisses - The Universe

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