Monday, September 25, 2006

No, but this would be a sneaky cat.

Dear Sophie, Thank you for not killing Glenn and I in our sleep. I realized that you were still a bit timid after the tumultuous thunder storm that lasted all night, and well into the morning, Friday night. But, frankly, we thought that you could benefit from it. And you were quite good during the whole ordeal. I tried to make it better by NOT taking a picture of you, although you did look quite cute, all wet and soapy. I couldn't understand though why you waited until we had you wrapped up in a towel to start wailing. I guess the nail clippers were the last thing you wanted to see after being shampooed. I was quite surprised though that you started to rub against me twenty minutes later. Yes, I thought it was a ploy, worried that there might be an 'accident' that night while we slept. But no, you stayed a good little kitty. I wasn't too surprised when you brought us your toy at 4am this morning. I guess if we are awake enough to give the toilet our attention then we are awake enough for you. Love, Col Tara plans.

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