Monday, September 25, 2006

Wondering why we never get dates.

I have been discriminated against for my tastes in music. As it was said to me this morning, "Why can't you just be normal?" For example, at one time I attempted to start a radio on Live365, and all it would play are songs from the Buffy musical, Weird Al and any and all songs I could get from Pirates of Penzance. I think that it explains a lot about my personality. And now we have legitimate research to prove what kind of a person I am. This study involved letting thousands of brits take this survey to figure out if their are any links between their music tastes and their lifestyle. Turns out they were right!

One "clear pattern" to emerge was a clustering of antisocial tendencies among young fans of pop, rap, and rock. For example, 53% of hip-hop fans admitted to having committed a criminal act, compared to 18% of fans of musicals.

Because I'm cool like that yo. And why not emphasize that with another Weird Al Video. >:) Willow and Xander pondering their geekiness.

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