Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More Squid

The Corpse Bride. I expected this movie to be more goth. Set in the Victorian era...heheh...and Victor and Victoria...I wish they sang. There was some music, but not much. And, like with The Nightmare Before Christmas, the movie would have been better if the neon was just left out. Why? Why?! The neon nonsense should just be left out. Really. Also, less maggot. Yet, Tim Burton makes these wonderful little villages that make you want to pick up your controller and navigate the movie your way. Maybe he can start making Choose Your Own Tim Burton Adventure or something.... Was there anything else to the Corpse Bride Emily? She seemed like such a shell, such a...er...corpse. Obsessed with marriage, oh and she could play the piano. As is typical with a lot of kid's movies you have the nice, simple plot. But it might have been too simple for this. There didn't seem to be any room to really explore the characters. If you feel angsty enough, go here and right a poem about it. It really needed a bit more squid.

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