Monday, February 14, 2005

Misdemeanors & Hostile Number 17

Good morning and Happy St. Valentine’s Day. I’m writing this morning sleepy and dehydrated. Yes I went to a party Saturday night, and although I did not have any sort of alcoholic beverage I did have some of the normal side effects while driving home. (Accident and DUI/DWI aside.) I don’t think my night-blindness was as bad this time (probably b/c I was concentrating quite hard due to the rain and my husband acting so goofy (he had one drink)). And there was a TON of alcohol!!! I brought Igor Bars to the party, and OH MY GODS!!! I had two bites of one bar and that was enough to make me sick!!! This was how I layered the bars: chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter M&M’s, caramel, rice krispie treat, melted semi-sweet chocolate, graham cracker, whipped cream, M&M minis, chocolate hard shell covering, and Sponge Bob Squarepants "Happy Birthday" candies. I think about four pieces total were eaten. Out of a lasagna pan. I’m sorry if I gave you guys a bellyache! (Especially since you were off of your no sugar diet that night….) But G and I had a lot of fun!!! Sunday afternoon we stopped by our other friends house, and they have me so hooked on Karaoke Revolution 3!!! Oh my gods. I just get to sing along to songs and win at stuff. O_o It was really fun hanging out with them. Mario Kart was FUN!!! I never got to play before. Wow!!! I love the ba-bomb version. Especially with four people playing. So many new things this weekend, no wonder why I’m all spacey today :D There was some awkwardness this weekend, but that was well worth what I got in return. I am currently listening to Radio Buffy. There is something about hearing Spike being referred to as Hostile Number 17 that makes me think that we are all numbered as a reference point for others. We are numerically listed in their grievances, in their emotional highs and lows, and as a recipient of their concern and scorn. It makes me think how I rate my friends. If I am rated and whether or not I deserve to be. Especially on this celebratory day of giving tokens of love. I always wondered if that was a reason why St. Valentine’s Day was such a hot issue with some people. Were they worried that they were not worthy of receiving love? I think the majority of us worry about that when we are young. Who was going to show their love to you? Were you supposed to go to great lengths to some and not others? Could you love everyone equally? Were you a bad person if you didn’t? Well, I want all of you to know that you are loved. (The absence of sarcasism is kinda creeping me out, but that is my gift to you.) Now, it's your assignment (ha!) to go out there and find out who it is. Be brave. But not stalker-esque. Commit to speaking your mind. Dare to care about that person that you have ignored or haven't risked to really get to know yet. Have a challenging day.


Blogger jenny said...

You are loved too! I can't imaine thinking of you as 'just a number'... but if you were, maybe you'd be "inspirational number 5" or something like that.
I'm glad you had fun over the weekend. Mario Kart rocks! I played The Suffering over the weekend. Ick. Half torn up torsos, creepy monsters... It all takes place in a prison. It's fun... you get to shoot everyone.
And of course there is Animal Crossing... sigh.
=) Happy Valentines Day!!

2/14/2005 08:07:00 AM  
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