Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So what if there are a few weeds?! I MOWED THE LAWN!!!

One month ago my husband took four days off to work outside (mowing the grass, edging, cleaning up, etc.). One month ago it rained for four days straight. The grass went unmowed. For one month my husband and I had mono: total exhaustion, back pains, headaches, etc. So, for one month the grass went unmowed...until last night. When I, Utility Princess, mowed it! Even when I felt those three threatening, heavy drops of rain fall; even when those two Jehovah's witnesses walked up the road, looking at me with raised eyebrows; even when I was listening to Prince and shakin' it for all I was worth: I mowed. And then I got pissed, lost focus and mowed over the power cord. Luckily I live with someone who knows how to rewire these things without causing a fire, and did so...with a smirk. I mowed. And then I went to Wal-mart to get pretties for my bellydancing outfit.

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