Friday, May 18, 2007

I Had Them Melting in MY Hands

I had so much fun last night as an M&M! Let me explain. My friend Lena asked me if I wanted to dress up as an M&M for an event. Of course I did! So last night I headed up to Rogers....
First there was the terrible accident, so we had to go a roundabout way to get there. Lena said that she needed to call Vinny to tell him that we would be late due to traffic. And I said, "VINNY! We're taking a job from a guy named Vinny?!"
So she and I start shooting "Hey Vinny!" yankee lines back at each other. When we get up there, we walk into the hotel and I notice a guy who TOTALLY looks like a Vinny. AND IT WAS HIM! He took us to a back room where the costumes were.
I was Red and Yellow one was there too, sadly no Green. (Yes, several guys at the event made that comment.) So...I started to change, I didn't bring shorts so I thought I could just wear my undies but the stupid handler for one of the other costumes WOULD NOT leave the room, in fact he took up just staring at us girls change and get into the costumes. And by change I just mean take off our shoes The other girl was nice and let me borrow her skirt so I could put that on and then take my pants off.
So we got the costumes on and then started to play and doing joke pictures before we go out to the crowd. I think I was an animated character in a past life, I really do.
Our job was a sort of welcoming line into the reception for the dinner and we took pictures with everyone walking by. Other characters were there: Tony the Tiger, the Keebler Elf (who fell over TWICE), and the Hamburger Helper Hand. I started hamming it up. Since I was at the beginning of the line, I started walking out to people. Or I'd stand still and wait until they got close and step out with my knee bent and waving my hands, like I'm on broadway. (I got that move down after working at haunted houses.)
I forgot at first that i wasn't supposed to talk. I kept trying to get people to dance with me by waltzing by myself, but they only high-fived me. Finally, the M&M guy Vinny walked up to me and said "You see that old lady over there? I'll give you a box of M&M's if you make her smile."
I start to go over all sneaky. Because you know how sneaky a giant M&M is right? I start hiding behind poles, sneaking a peak at her. She's just staring at me with her mouth open. I hurriedly walk across the lobby and peak out behind a wall. Finally I walk up to her. Not only did she smile, but she also hugged me. Booyeah!
Then I went back to the line to take more photos. I attempted to belly dance but I don't think it turned out too well. That's when we spotted a bunch of guys standing around talking in the lobby. I went over and started gesturing to them. More high fives were had, but I was more worried that they were going to pour a beer onto me.
Then, the girls came. Being a red MALE M&M I had to ham it up! It was a mother with two teen daughters. The mom was scared of me but I eventually got her to hug me. It took persistance, including following her around. The one daughter loooooooooooooooooooooooooooved me! I got her to hug me and dance with me. (It was ace, as Jonny would say.)
That was when I spotted the girls on the balcony, but by this time the Keebler elf was falling over. Time was almost up! So, I just gestured to the girls on the balcony like I was Romeo. Waltzing for them, waving, gesturing them to come down stairs. I gestured towards the elevator and considered riding it up to them but I didn't wanna take a chance that Vinny would tackle me. A few minutes later Lena practically had to drag me out. It was only after I was out of my costume that I heard 'the children' would be around on Saturday. Too bad I won't be around. They'll never know what they missed!
VJ suggested that I "[w]rite a paperback, called, "My Night as an M&M." But I felt that "so many adult bookstores are going to order that book by mistake." I'll take a chance.
Will update with pictures soon!

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