Monday, February 26, 2007

Day Around Town

  • First, wake up by getting a massage from a purring kitty.
  • Loll about on the computer playing Sims.
  • Return library books.
  • Make an appointment at the raving hair cutters.
  • Attempt to get a car wash in the rain.
  • Realize that the carwash is closed.
  • Use their free vacuums while it starts to drip.
  • Dive into your car when you realize how much drippage has accumulated on your seats.
  • Drive around until you find yourself at the little Greek café.
  • Order something with lamb, grab a raspberry tea and call up your friend while you wait.
  • Your friend decides to join you at lunch then you wander off to the raving haircutter’s. And by raving I do not mean that he is mean or hateful. He just likes to talk. And it’s fun, unless you get easily to moderately offended. It was truly an experience. I did like it though when he bowed after cutting my hair.
  • Stretch your legs a bit by walking uphill to the Best! Used! Bookstore!
  • Get lost in there while looking, only to get a call from the friend you walked in there with. Consider it a cellular Marco Polo.
  • Next! Go to Wal-mart and purchase “Light Reddish Chestnut” hair dye. (NOTE: Next time get two bottles as you have lots of hair.)
  • Part ways with your friend and go home where you clean house! Why? BECAUSE YOU HAVE A NEW KITCHEN! YAY!!!
  • The perfect time has come to give your cats the new furry toy mousies. They will scamper, act surprised and get crazy playing with the new toys. (NOTE: Do not be surprised if you find the younger kitty attempting to retrieve the rest of the packaged mousies from the toy basket that you placed behind the couch and on the tallest shelf.)
  • Now you’re hungry. Proceed to Sonic where they will forget part of your order and give you coupons that amount to a free meal with ice cream. Yippee!!!
  • It’s late at night, and girls love to throw hair dye parties late at night. Halfway thru this dying, send your husband back to Wal-mart for another package of hair dye.
  • Congratulations! You look like a princess thanks to your friends terrific hair dying skills.
  • Collapse on the bed.

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