Monday, December 04, 2006

A Love Story

There has been a tumultuous love story going on around here folks. Between Sophie

And Howl


To best explain this rocky love affair, I shall badly quote Shakespeare forthwith.

"Hark! I see a glimpse of the fair maiden!" So sayeth Howl.

"I shall climb the lofty tower and woo yonder fair maiden." And so climbeth Howl.

"Go away! I vant to be alone!" Shrieketh Sophie.

"But I am in love with thee! Here, I shall tenderly kiss your paw!" And Howl then maketh his move.

"Sorry, but you're not my type." And so Sophie departs to her room.

And so Howl watched as his beloved departed.

Distraught, he leaped.

And moaned on the floor, realizing he chose the short cliff.

Sophie at this point peered down from her balcony.

"Alright," she said. "You may sit on the perch beneath mine."

The End.

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