Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jonny's Questions

1. What are you? Human as I appear 2. Does the human race have a future? Everything has a future 3. What thing that you don’t understand the most would you most like to understand the most? People’s ability to act like a selfish moron and avoid all responsibility. 4. Do you think it’s fair that some birds of prey eat iguanas? Yes. 5. Do you trust mirrors? Some mirrors more than humans. 6. Do you sometimes deliberately not the answer the phone to give the impression you’re busier or more socially adept than you actually are? I think I have once or twice. 7. Have you ever thought seriously about disappearing in the middle of the night, leaving no clue to where you might have gone, and starting a new life for yourself thousands of miles away? I did it once. It was quite hard giving everything up. But it’s easy if you are comfortable with yourself. Running away from yourself is never a good thing. 8. When was the last time you basked in that wonderful sense of calm and serenity you get whenever a television is turned off? *sigh* Those are cherished moments. Typically happen at night. 9. Do you reguarly eat in bed, or are you opposed to that sort of behaviour? I abhor eating in bed. Crummies = bad 10. What would you do if you woke up and there was a slug on your face? Shriek until my husband woke up and then make him take it off. 11. Do you believe that it would be easier to be a member of the opposite sex? Easier…. I’ll say yes. Based on the guys I know. 12. Have you ever slept in a field? (Being in a tent does not count). *thinking* I think I always had a tent. 13. Can you move your mouth without touching your lips? I’m confused by this question. 14. What’s the one thing that you can’t do but most wish you could? Fix everyone's problems. 15. What if God was one of us? A lot of people believe they are god and have spent a lot of campaign money proving this theory. Would God be a hermit today? Right or left wing? Maybe just selling fries. Who knows? 16. Is it easier for you to say what you mean than to mean what you say? As long as my emotions aren’t all muddled, yes. But I know that when I talk to people I give them a lot of room to lie to me. 17. Who did you vote for in the last election: Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi 18. Do you believe that alien lifeforms frequently visit this planet and abduct people for nefarious purposes? Yes. 19. Have you ever pretended to laugh at a joke you actually found really offensive? *thinks* No. I probably just stare, and get a weird 20. Do you think you’re special? Yes.

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