Thursday, October 13, 2005


Because I broke down.

Because I am broke.

Because I, too, would like to be just like Jonny. Becasue, most importantly, I want to corrupt your interests with my own. I announce: Ads via Amazon.

Will I place these willy-nilly like in my posts? Uh...I'll try not to unless they are relevant.

Like 'Firefly' which should have been in my post about Serenity. Seriously, I need this series now, and I think you do too. At the very least to wonder what Joss's fascination for crazy chicks is.

This is the game that I am currently playing. When you play the Crusader campaigns, just watch out for lions in the field. Those little buggers truly can hide. You'll send farmers out and wonder why you aren't getting any food. Perhaps because some hungry lions are lying in wait for them. Huh. But, this is the game for those of us who dream of building castles. Playing with the terraform and making elaborate wall and stair systems is my favorite. I even managed to make a kind of colloseum.

So you can imagine how much I am panting over this little beauty. Yeah.... *Imagines more detailed castles, harder economic situations, stealthier troops* It's the Sims gone mideval, I swear!

The ultimate book for people eternally asking, Are We Alone? The one thing that I love about Shirley is her brutal honesty. If you ask me to give you my favorite book, then you would probably get this. Or...

This. For those on a spiritual quest. Ever since I read this book, I have been interested in walking labyrinths or finding a pilgrimage of my own to take. My respect for those that have taken the leap is great and deep.

So, I hope that I have corrupted you in some and look forward to corrupting you again.

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