Tuesday, October 11, 2005

And the Creepy News for Today is...

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Aleister Crowley's birthday. And my does he have a fan base. I'll just give a breif listing: Wikipedia, Golden Dawn, Thelemic Knights, his works online.

So, who was he? I'm still perplexed.

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Blogger jenny said...

Crowley was the perpetrator of Wicca, he was an outspoken advocate for the group. Some try to say that he was the founder, but that is incorrect. Gardener was the founder.
The Golden Dawn is a very occultic group with secret origins.
(yeah, just ask me about secret crap.. LOL!)
As for the Thelmic Knights..well, i dunno. I know the Thelmic Law is tied to Wicca.
Do i get a gold star? =)

10/11/2005 09:03:00 AM  

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