Thursday, November 11, 2004


So I tested one of the passages (i got new glasses) from my blog and it came up 47% evil and 53% good. Wow. I think when I took an alignment test I came up neutral. Here are the specs as to what constitutes good and evil in a blog. Basically they count up word values: Points of interest Amount of consonants 607 6+0+7=13 Amount of different words 157 1+5+7=13 Amount of different words beginning with consonant 124 1+2+4=7 Amount of words beginning with vowel 86 8+6=14=7x2 Important phrases Value of phrase "so, i got new glasses, and it sucks." 2121 2121=7x303 Value of phrase "i feel like everything i look at is in 3d." 2145 2145=13x165 Value of phrase "did i also mention i took two doses of pamprin." 2405 2405=13x185 Value of phrase "so, i feel spacey." 1094 1+0+9+4=14=7x2 Value of phrase "not good!" 441 441=7x7x9 Value of phrase "this is driving me nuts." 1690 1690=13x13x10 Value of phrase "my old glasses were lost in a mini-golf course." 2996 2996=7x428 2+9+9+6=26=13x2 Value of phrase "sometimes my eyes get itchy, or i feel like they are burning." 5027 5+0+2+7=14=7x2 Value of phrase "it must all just be in my head." 2344 2+3+4+4=13 Value of phrase "i wanted cat-eye frames, but none of the selection at lenscrafters also came with sunglasses." 5964 5964=7x852 Value of phrase "the good news is that the new rules came out for dragon crest, and only two years late." 6972 6972=7x996 Word occurrences and 7 7 7=7


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