Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tidbits on How To Decorate Your Desk

Materials Needed:
  • Poster ticky tak
  • Old mugs, frames, 365 page daily calendar
  • Cheap toys (can find these at dollar stores, coin machines outside of the grocery store, Happy Meals. WARNING: DO NOT USE ANYTHING THAT YOU WOULD REGRET LOSING AS SOME PEOPLE TEND TO HAVE STICKY FINGERS.)

First, clear out the space underneath your monitors. This is the perfect opportunity to buy yourself a new desk organizer for any stray post it notes, paperclips, pens, etc.
Next, Stagger your toys. Use the ticky tak to help any gangly toys, like action figures, to stand. Or use it to place your GI Joe action figures around your monitor, or invading your new desk organizer, or your cubbie mate.
You know that daily calendar? Instead of tearing off the pages and throwing them away, write something on the back. Like, a line from a song you can't get out of your head, a funny website, something that you don't mind others reading. Fold that page up into a fan, and stick it into one of the many decorative mugs you have on your desk. You now have an ANSWER MUG. If someone keeps asking you a question and refuse to accept the answer you give them, offer them the Answer Mug. Much funnier.