Friday, January 05, 2007

Down in the Pantry

I'm never sure what to make of this time of year. Especially now what with the weather being so goofy. (Some have referred to it as creepy, but I think it's a good time to stock up the pantry before the giant snowstorm in March.) January always seemed like a very dark month. You know spring is coming, you just have to muzzle thru this dark time. So, I guess 'lost' is an appropriate feeling. Should you feel the time with folly? It's like Halloween except there is no good excuse to eat candy. Speaking of which, how is it that anyone manages to make resolutions for the new year at this time? The northern hemisphere is hunkered down in darkness. Are you really inspired to excercise, or use it as an excuse to go to the gym as an excuse to try out that new Ipod?

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If you wanna feel all dark and creepy this month without having to get into the horror genre, then might I suggest the following?
  • Finish off the eggnog in front of the fire. You know you don't want it going to waste. Or if you don't have a fireplace, then watch a deep/freaky movie. Like 'Mosquito Coast.'
  • Knit. Seriously. Why not get a head start on next year's gifts? I don't know about you, but the time I feel most inspired for what to get people for Christmas NEXT year is within the first couple of months after the holiday season.
  • Which brings me to the sales. Have you any idea how many stores need to clear out their stock for the spring collection? Seriously! It's almost three weeks after Christmas and there are still sales to be found! Don't forget the calendar club too! Most items are half off and you can find a mighty nice daily calendar for cheapy!
  • Watch documentaries. Go crazy on some non-fiction books. Your body might not want to move, but that's no reason to keep your mind stagnant. You might also find a good cause to fight for this year. I hear global warming is getting a lot of people hot.
  • Overuse your new gadgets. We know you got 'em. So share them. Break them. Annoy your friends with them. It's easier to excercise when you're running away from someone with a camera that threatens to take pictures of your rear and posting them on the internet.

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