Monday, January 22, 2007

Different Things To Me

  • Saw a Russian Tortoise at the pet store. I picked up the health tips broshure for the little guy. Sadly, a couple of obvious signs that he was unhealthy was on the sheet.* His shell was all pock-marked and the skin on his legs was awfully flaky. The sign said that he would live to be 50. I just hope that he's 49 and half and looking for a little peace and quiet at the pet store. Afterall, it was probably a long trip from Russia.
  • Envigorating walk thru the cold at the new outside mall.
  • Having a sink and dishwaher come back.
  • The possibilities of Great Dane Puppies.
  • Live violin and guitar music with brunch.
  • The goldfish video.
  • Finding good stuff at the library.
*Didn't really need the sheet to see that.

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