Friday, January 14, 2005


There has been a lot of little chaos-ness. Think of it as a vacation to R'lyeh. All is on the way to getting better. Thank you for any prayers, meditations or well-wishing that went on out there in blogland. I will be blogging less during the day, but hopefully more at night. (Shhh! I’m trying to be more work-minded and only blog during lunch. It is currently tea time.) There will only be one Friday the 13th this year and it will occur in the lovely month of May. I feel gypped. Hee hee…gypped. I restocked my supply of honey at work, and have also made a station at They only have five Weird Al songs that I have found. Some soundtracks. Eminem’s song "Mosh." More than enough Pet Shop Boys to make me happy. As well as a cover of a Hedwig and the Angry Inch song to make me happy. They also have Richard Cheese. :D I received an extensive reading list from a friend of mine. Someone actually whom I haven’t been seeing much lately. Like a lot of people. Still in some kind of hermit phase. She contends that that is what happens when a person gains an S.O. (significant other). Reminded me of Bridget Jones’s Smug Married. That was the title, right? I need to get that movie on dvd when it comes out. Oh! G’s birthday went well. We went out to an unexpected dinner. For his present, we ended up getting him a new monitor for his computer since his old one felt unloved and committed hara-kiri. There was no warning. No note. We are holding a wake in our living room until further arrangements can be made for both of our monitors. Nothing but rain for two weeks has kept my stress level in check. I think it bordered on overload last week. I really should have taken a mental health day. But, that is what this Monday is for. Hopefully this weekend will go well. :D We have some plans with friends, which includes preparations for DC. The new rules have come out (two years late) so we are going to go over them this weekend (joy oh joy). I plan on bringing something entertaining. I haven’t felt much like role-playing. Maybe a card game would be fun. I haven’t played Apples 2 Apples in forever!!! I hope that all of you enjoy the three day weekend. Be safe and merry. Maybe I will stop typing to dyslexic by Tuesday. It’s really becoming a problem. ~ c o l


Blogger jenny said...

yes... dyslexia is dab. LOL!
Rain glorious rain!!
I will TRY to enjoy my 3 day weekend. NO promises.
But you enjoy yours!!!

1/14/2005 07:47:00 AM  
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